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Magic Fountain Show in Barcelona
Written by Prianka on May 29, 2020 Share on

Magic Fountain Show in Barcelona

The dancing waters at the Magic Fountain Show in Barcelona is sure to leave you speechless. It is more than a fountain because all your senses would revive once you are here. It is a great combination of vibrant lights, splashing sound and dancing waters. It is visually very appealing and people from all over the world come to witness the true magic of the Magic Fountain Show in Barcelona. 

The show takes place after the sun sets, only then the lights would be visible. But it is closed during winter. Approximately, the fountain brings out a combination of 7 billion light and water patterns that push and pull in the night. The spurting vivid movements are perfectly choreographed to classical or contemporary music, making this even more special. Sometimes, the music selections include the hit songs of the ’80s. The ambience is sure to leave you mesmerized, and in no time you would be tapping your feet.

The duration of the show is twenty minutes and reach before to get the best seating spots. The show can be seen from different angles and places from the city. The brilliant idea would be to reach the spot early and grab the seat with the best view. You would be surprised to know that more than 2.5 million people come to witness this magnificent magic, and it is worth it.

Magic Fountain Show in Barcelona
Image credits: Pixabay

How to Reach?

You can reach the Magic Fountain Show in Barcelona by a metro. It is the most convenient way to reach this destination. Buy a metro map in order to not get lost because you will find large crowds at Metro Station Espanya. From this stop, people would head to the same destination in large groups. 

Buses are another good option. You have roughly six buses running along the Magic Fountain Show route. The buses are 23, 150, 37, 13, H12 and H16. You can also ask the hotel where you put up for a cab as well. But the cheapest mode of transportation are buses and metros. 

Entry fee

You would be surprised to know that the entry fee is free. But the ticket price for the exclusive Mountjuic shows is approximately 32 euros to 34 euros.


The Magic Fountain Show in Barcelona is open only from Wednesday to Sunday. It is closed for two days to save energy. Also, the show doesn’t take place during the winter season for annual maintenance. 

The Magic Fountain Show in Barcelona is open from 4 pm to 8 pm for five days a week.


The music selections include different genres like cartoon soundtracks, swing, Spanish classical and more. If you are looking for specific music, then check out the schedule before you visit. 

The great spots to get the best views of the fountain show are the pedestrian bridge, steps leading up to MNAC museum and 8th-floor terrace of Catalonia Barcelona Plaza. Catalonia Barcelona Plaza is especially famous among the people who don’t love crowds and enjoy the views with drinks. 

Now, you know why you must visit The Magic Fountain Show when you are in Barcelona. For a hassle-free Spain vacation, reach out to Pickyoutrail. You can check out the customised Spain tour packages and Barcelona itineraries to get inspired. 

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