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Written by Akshaya Devi on June 18, 2020 Share on

Major ways hotels are changing in the COVID era

As we write, hotels around the world have already started welcoming guests and the emphasis on hygiene standards is more than ever. Not only does this ensure travellers a stress-free stay, but also a trustworthy safety standard built on transparency.

While this could mean bidding adieu to pool parties and buffet dinners, this is your best shot at heading out of home right now for a staycation or other purposes.

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Hygiene and Cleanliness

Airbnb recently said in a statement that “Hosts will have access to expert-backed cleaning educational materials and will be supported to show that they take cleanliness and prevention seriously”. The hotels will use electrostatic sprays on high-contact surfaces and functional areas, and there will at least be one day gap between every reservation to carry out thorough, hospital-grade cleaning of rooms and furniture.

Minimalism on offerings and equipment

Sorry, but no newspapers, no catalogues, no pens, papers and other non-essential items that would need frequent disinfection. Only functional items like glasses and trays will remain. But don’t be surprised if you enter into a room with no tea tables, remotes and complimentary shampoo bottles—they are not there for a reason! Also, you might want to forget your gym-before-bed and pool dinner routine for a while. They haven’t returned yet, as they involve high-contact and crowding. Room service on a rolling cart, communal transfer of drinks in the hotel mini-bar etc—while they aren’t gone for good, we might need to wait out for some time.

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Contactless interaction

One of the most important part. While our hospitality agents’ bright welcoming gestures make our day, we might need to shelf that for some time. Virtual check-ins, online signatures, digital keys, takeaway food (only in a few hotels), contactless payment options are to become a norm for good, and this sounds like the true utopian world away from home.

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