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Malaysia Announces Free Visa for Indians All Through 2020 | This and Other Reasons to Visit the “Lah-Lah” Land This Year

Following the Malaysian governments’ announcement offering free visa to Indian passport holders, Indians can now visit Malaysia totally visa-free for 15 days.

The rule also extends to China and throughout the year 2020, passport holders from these countries can visit Malaysia by just registering through the electronic registration system. You can visit 3 months from when you registered and should return within 15 days. The period cannot be extended further, but guess what? 15 days are more than enough to explore Malaysia in and out. 


  1. Plan such that your arrival and exit from Malaysia are only through the authorised airport and immigration portals. 
  2. Have proof of sufficient funds to show while checking in.
  3. Have a complete itinerary of your travel plans.

Why Visit Malaysia?

Have you EVER witnessed the Chinese New Year festival?

The Chinese New Year falls on 25th and 26th of January and is the best time to visit Malaysia for anyone who seeks to explore Malaysia beyond the Petronas Tower and the Batu Caves.

Visit Malaysia for the beautiful place it is beyond the Petronas Tower and the Batu Caves.

Ever watched the sun rising above the clouds after a daunting trek above a mountain on a quaint little coastal town? Visit Mount Kinabalu in the city of Kota Kinabalu. And this is not the only nature-based attraction in Malaysia.

Visit Malaysia for its rich culture that’s still unadulterated by mass tourism.

From Mari Mari to Sarawak cultural villages, witness the well-preserved culture held high by Malaysia’s proud indigenous tribals

Malaysia has one of the most stunning archipelagos ever!

The Borneo island stretch has everything to look for in an offbeat vacation—from rugged rainforests and ancient cultural heritages to breathtaking islands. One moment you’ll be snorkelling with gorgeous sea turtles and before you know it you’ll be watching beautiful sunset at the Mabul island.

Bottom line? You should visit Malaysia at least once.

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