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Malaysia In March: Why Is It Worth Travelling During This Month?

The nightlights shining bright decorating the skyline and picturesque views of the landscape are what makes Malaysia so popular to visit. The bright sun rays falling upon the bright blue skies and a charming skyline that gives amazing views. There are many attractions here is why people all over the world pick to visit this country. March is the best time to visit Malaysia as the weather is very pleasant. You will meet people of all walks of life enjoying what the country has to offer to tourists. Malaysia in March is the time when you enjoy all activities and sightseeing to the fullest.

Weather In Malaysia In March

Weather in Malaysia is usually pleasant all year round. Malaysia in march is the ideal holiday period. This is because of the clear blue skies, the sun shining bright and very little rainfall to dampen your plans. The country comes to life and Malaysia in march is known to experience the most fabulous weather of the year. The climate is what adds to the beauty of mother nature and brings out the vivid colours in the landscapes. Hence, the climate spreads its beauty on to the country’s surroundings.

You will not want to stay indoors or be stuck in a fancy hotel room. You will want to venture into the outdoors and let the cool breeze hit your face and bring out your holiday spirit. It is a great start to the vacation you’ve embarked upon. However, there is a little possibility of wetness due to some rainfall which in terms brings in humidity. To keep the humidity out, you will have reserve air-conditioned hotel rooms. The average temperature of Malaysia in march is April is 28 degree Celsius during the daytime and at nighttime, it can steep down even lower.

Best Places To Visit In Malaysia In March

Must be confusing with so many attractions and places to see. You might be wondering what are the best places to visit in Malaysia? Being a newbie to the city lets you get an amazing experience of the country and numerous ways to fall in love with the country. Malaysia is rich in attractions, beautiful architecture, history and culture to keep you entertained throughout your visit.

1. Penang

Malaysia In March
Credits: Unsplash

Penang is filled with temples and is considered a holy destination. These temples are known to be an architectural delight. This is why Penang is considered beautiful. The city embraces a combination of modernity while withholding age-old tradition within its enclosure. You will get to witness loads of attractions which show the city’s historic significance. The monuments are a beautiful sight to take it. Furthermore, the different street-side stalls serving different cuisine of delicious food are a great option for indulgence. A trip in march is incomplete without a visit to Penang so make sure to keep the city as part of your itinerary.

2. Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia In March
Credits: Unsplash

Kuala Lumpur is the city that put Malaysia on the map and draws in millions of tourists year on year. The city the most populated and the most charming city in Malaysia. This is also the capital city of the country. The Central Market is one of the top places to go to in the city which presents a number of local markets. These indigenous stores vary from traditional handicraft stalls to stalls that serve street food. You can find loads of stores for taking on a shopping spree for your beloved branded apparels, footwear, and so much more. If you are seeking to enjoy some nightlife, Bukit Bintang is another area and is also appreciated for being the prime clubbing district of Kuala Lumpur. The biggest attraction in the city is the towering Petronas towers. It is a must-see attraction while in KL city.

3. Port Dickson

Port Dickson
Credits: Unsplash

Combining a peaceful ambience and loads of bright sandy beaches, Port Dickson is the go-to place for the tourists who are in for some fun and excitement. The natural beaches and natural scenery in the city make it really beautiful. The city is known to be an excellent getaway for the people who wish to take time off the bustle of the city and mundane routine life. The city has a lot of resorts, especially beach resorts that act as an escape from the buzzing city. Few of the places you must see while you are here is Turtle Hatchery Center, Upside Down Art Gallery, Cape Rachado Lighthouse, and much more.

Festivals In Malaysia In March

Malaysia has always a hub to host a lot of cultural and historic festivals. It draws in travellers from various corners of the globe to be a part of these celebrations. The country is alive and buzzing all throughout the year. However, there are a couple of significant festivals which are observed in the country during the month of March:

1. Cosplay Festival

This festival goes on during the period of 23rd or 24th of March. so going to Malaysia during this month is a good plan. This fest is conducted by the Cosplay community. The festival draws in loads of people to take part in the many contests that take place at the time of the carnival. It involves various sports events, and photo contests, plays, exhibition stalls, and so much more.

People from all over the world compete in these contests. This is a good chance for people from diverse backgrounds to take part and experience something so different and meet tourists from various countries.

2. Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
Credits:Google Images

This is perfect if you’re looking for a vivid trip with many big balloons hovering in the air. The festival happens from 19 March – 20 March. The artistic balloons take up the shape of various shapes and colours like some creatures can be seen drifting in the air. The festival is normally liked the most at night as it makes the luminous night become even more gorgeous and grand. This makes the sky glow up.

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