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Malaysia tourist visa for Indians – How to apply, tips, and requirements

As delightful as it may seem but travelling around the world comes with its own limitations. To travel from one country to other, you need to have a valid passport and visa. Different country has different visa rules and everyone has to abide by them. Malaysian tourist e-visa was introduced 4 years back, in 2015, to attract more tourists who were visiting Thailand and Singapore. Here are the details about availing Malaysia Tourist visa for Indians.

Types of Visa

Basically, there are 2 types of Malaysia visa for Indians when applying as a tourist without a local reference

  • Single entry visa: A single entry visa grants you permission to visit Malaysia for 30 days. If you depart Malaysia while the visa is still valid, you will still not be able to return to Malaysia since the visa will be viable only for a one-time entry only
  • Multiple entry visa: Multiple entry visa offers you the convenience of departing and returning to Malaysia several times within the period of visa validity. This visa can be valid for a duration of 30 days to 6 months


All Indian passport holders can apply for a Malaysian Tourist visa, although it takes only 48 hours to process, it is safe to apply at least 4-5 prior to the journey date.

Documents Required

To apply for any Malaysian Tourist visa, Indian residents need to provide an original passport with a validity of at least 6 months upon arrival in Malaysia, two recent coloured digital photographs, confirmed return air tickets and hotel booking confirmation receipts.

Application Procedure

Your visa application can be submitted online which is also known as an e-visa service through an authorized visa agent or by yourself.

Application Fees

A Malaysian e-visa will cost you approximately INR 3500/- to 4000/-

Processing Time

The standard processing time is 2-3 business days for the Tourist e-Visa.

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Collection Process

If your application is approved, the e-Service can be used to print a copy of your e-visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is the validity of the approved Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) visa?

Ans. Indian passport holder will be issued Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) which is valid for 12 months.

2. How long Indian tourist can stay in Malaysia?

Ans. The allowance of stay is up to 30 days for each entry to Malaysia.

3. Can Indian tourist apply for Malaysian visa in Singapore (Malaysian High Commission in Singapore)?

Ans. Indian passport holder may apply for a visa from Singapore. But, principally, in Singapore, Malaysian High Commission is issuing the visa for ‘bona fide’ foreigners who reside in Singapore. Therefore, it is always advisable for Indians to apply for Malaysian visa from their home country.

4. Can Indian tourist apply for ‘urgent’ Malaysian visa?

Ans. At this moment, the tourist visa is only being processed in 3 working days. Please plan your trip accordingly.

Applying for a Malaysian tourist visa is as simple as a breeze, all that you need to know is the proper application process which shouldn’t be a problem after you read this article.

For more information about Malaysia visa, click here.

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