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Here’s how to plan a 4-day Maldives vacation starting at just 89,999 INR per couple!

The Maldives is undoubtedly one of the gorgeous destinations to ever holiday in and is easily the most misconceived as “too expensive”. How many times you’ve brushed off a Maldives vacation off the plate thinking it would cost a fortune? We’ve got you covered—here’s how you spend 4 days in the Maldives at a price starting at just 89,999 per couple!*

*This applies for 3 nights 4 days vacation to the Maldives excluding flights.

Perfect Maldives vacation packages


Day 1:

Reach your resort from the Male airport in a speedboat or a seaplane transfer. Live the true Maldivian dream in an exotic villa straddled by turquoise water and white sand beaches. Relaxing on a private terrace with a view framed by the never-ending sea is not something you can experience every day, can you? Save some energy for your upcoming adventures, and don’t forget to contact the resort concierge about your activity bookings.

Day 2:

In a place bestowed with lush coral reefs and vibrant marine life, snorkelling is the foremost thing to do there. You might also get some Whale shark encounters if you’re lucky! And don’t panic, they don’t pose any harm to humans. And there are enough activities to keep both the scaredy cats and adrenaline junkies alike—windsurf or parasail, kitesurf or kayak and you are guaranteed fun no matter what.

Day 3:

If 22 stunning atolls comprising about 1200 islands don’t excite you to get outdoors and explore, what else will? Go beach-hopping to the nearest islands, take a submarine ride or have a sumptuous meal at an underwater restaurant. End your day with a sunset cruise on a yacht.

Day 4:

Today is the day to stretch and do nothing like you’ve got all the time in the world. Indulging in a private spa session while having a terrific ocean view goes straight on the top of your bucket list. A relaxing spa followed with a breezy candlelight dinner on the beach is as good as the Maldives gets.

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