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Maldives in May 2023 – Dope or Nope?

The Maldives is one of the best destinations to visit in the world in my opinion. The dreamy azure blue waters, white sandy beaches, amazing reefs & aquatic life. It all makes for the perfect recipe for a beachside getaway. If you wanna escape the 9-5 grind and come back with your batteries recharged, then look no further than Maldives. You might be wondering though, how is Maldives like in May in 2023? Is it a good time to be there? Well, this is a guide that should answer all of the common questions that you might have.


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How’s the Weather in May in Maldives in 2023?

Well, May is the monsoon season in Maldives and is considered to be an offseason. Towards the end of May and till the beginning of August is when you can expect some rain in Maldives.

Temperatures aren’t too different from the rest of the year though. May is still quite hot and sunny with temperatures averaging about 28-31 degrees celsius. This is because the monsoon season in Maldives isn’t quite like the ones we have here in India.

You can expect some light showers in the early mornings or late evenings that last for 10-20 mins on average. A continuous downpour isn’t that common even in the monsoon season. To put numbers to this, India gets an average rainfall of 65cm while Maldives gets an average rainfall of about 20cm in a year. There is however a small risk, weather is a force of nature after all but the same risk stands across the year as we have seen heavy rains and storms even during peak seasons. Majorly though, rainfall in Maldives is going to be light showers.

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Reasons to Visit Maldives in May 2023:

It’s Extremely Peaceful

May being an offseason in Maldives is less crowded. Since most of you will be staying in Private island resorts. There is also a case to be made for less crowded resorts. During peak season times, resorts are sometimes known to be so crowded that it’s hard getting tables during meal times at the restaurants, beaches being crowded and overall a more chaotic experience. However, During May when occupancy in the Maldives resorts are lower, you might be one of the few guests there. The experience of being on an island resort with very few people around and all the attention of the staff being focused and showered on just a few guests does make the experience more intimate and enjoyable.

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Awesome Deals In Maldives

As a result of the offseason, prices for resorts and stays, in general, will also be on the cheaper side. We have seen resorts drop their prices by up to 50% during these times and some even offer other niceties like free meal plan upgrades or free activities. Traveling during May to Maldives is definitely going to end up being more light on the wallet overall. This can either help you book a cheaper Maldives honeymoon package or open up other experiences that weren’t previously affordable.

A More Relaxed Vacation

With offseason comes a more relaxed vacation as well. You have more slots of everything available, you aren’t fighting for rooms, resorts are much more peaceful with a small number of guests around. You can take things at a pace you like and not have to try to tune things based on circumstances. It allows you to truly turn your brain off and live in the moment.

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Some Tips and Tricks

  1. Book your vacation in advance to get the best deals, booking in the last minute might end up costing anywhere between 1.5x to 2x more for resort bookings
  2. Drinking water is a limited resource in Maldives. If you have space in your luggage, thrown in a few bottles of water and avoid paying the 5-10 USD per bottle that resorts charge.
  3. Get an all-inclusive meal plan package that covers all three meals and unlimited beverages and alcohol. Meals and drinks are very pricey when purchased a la carte at resorts. To give you an example, orange juice might end up costing you anywhere between 10-20 USD based on the resort. So you might end up paying more on trip if you don’t pick the right meal plan.
  4. Booking an all-inclusive meal plan is a must if you consume alcohol. Maldives being a Muslim country doesn’t serve alcohol or allow the purchase of it on any of its public islands. Private island resorts have special licenses to sell liquor and they can be very pricey with beers starting at 15 USD. It’s illegal to bring alcohol into the country as well and it will be sized at entry. Also check Maldives Visa for Indians.

FAQs for Maldives

  1. Will Ramadan affect my Maldives trip?
    May, being one of the months that fall under Ramadan, might leave you wondering if it will affect your vacation in any way. The short answer is no, Maldives being a very tourism-focused nation makes sure that Ramadan doesn’t get in the way of the guest’s experiences. It’s business as usual and the only thing you might have to bear is dinner being pushed by an hour to around 7 pm to accommodate the prayer times for the Muslims working at the resorts.
  2. Will Scuba Diving be affected due to the rain?
    Scuba diving in Maldives are largely not affected due to rains. If the clouds completely cover the sky, visibility might take a hit but it also opens up the possibility of seeing some aquatic life that only comes out only during the night. Generally though, rain or overcast skies don’t hinder the experience of a scuba dive by much. You should be more cautious of winds though as they might result in more turbulent waters and also make it harder to get to the dive spots.
  3. Should we visit Maldives during May?
    If you are looking for the cheapest prices and are willing to put up with some rains, then yes. The experience compares to the rest of the year isn’t too different and the occasional light showers are quite nice. If money isn’t a problem and you want to have the best possible experience in Maldives, you might as well book during the holiday season in November or December which is the peak season for Maldives.

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