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resorts in maldives with indian food
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Best 5 Maldives Resorts With Indian Food

A Maldives tour package is definitely on the top of the list for most avid travellers, it’s quite obvious why too. Where else can you get such amazing beaches, dreamy blue waters and luxury water villa stays all packed into a private island resort experience at that. However, a problem for a lot of Indians travelling abroad though has generally been the availability of vegetarian food and specifically Indian vegetarian food. But, things aren’t the way they were a decade ago. Indian tourism is a sizeable chunk of the market and the industry has accordingly adapted to the needs of Indian travellers over the years. So if you are sceptical about travelling there for a Maldives honeymoon package because it might be hard to get good vegetarian or Indian food there, don’t be. For one thing, you will be surprised at how many people from India actually work in Maldives resorts and it’s not that uncommon to find Indian chefs leading the charge in the kitchens at resorts. So here is a list of resorts in Maldives with Indian food and cater to proper vegetarian cuisine making your vacation plans that much more enticing. So, if you’re considering a Maldives honeymoon package and worried about culinary preferences, rest assured that luxury resorts in the Maldives now seamlessly cater to diverse tastes, making your vacation plans even more appealing.

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1. Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi:

Beautiful Maldives Resorts
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The Adaaran group of resorts is known for its consistent and excellent service and Hudhuranfushi is no exception to this. The resort offers amazing water villas in Maldives stays and an outstanding premium all-inclusive deal which gives you access to unlimited food and alcohol. You have a proper in-house Indian restaurant in Maldives called the Indian Pavilion here and they serve authentic North and South Indian cuisine. The best part is you also get Indian Jain food at the restaurant and one of the best Maldives resort with Indian food. The resort is great for anyone looking for a great deal and I highly suggest checking them out. If you are looking for a more premium experience, you can also check out Adaaran’s other sister properties Adaaran Select Meedhupparu or Adaaran Prestige Vadoo. Also check Adaaran select Hudhuranfushi.

2. Olhuveli Beach Resort & Spa:

Olhuveli Beach Resort & Spa is part of the Sun Siyam group who are known for their outstanding premium resorts. Olhuveli is their value for money mid-range offering and its one of the best resorts deals out there. Just like in Hudhuranfushi, you have an All-inclusive meal plan here by default and the resort offers multiple different room choices as well. You get everything from a beach villa with a pool, water villa with jacuzzi or private pool to full-blown 2 bedroom behemoths. You can get it all here and plus you also have the Four Spices Asian theme restaurant that serves amazing Indian food. There is definitely a lot to love here and its extremely kid-friendly as well. So,  if you are looking for something that is something a bit more premium than Hudhuranfushi, this is a great resort to check out.


Sun Siyam Olhuveli @ ₹60,000*

3. Kuramathi Island Resort:

This is another outstanding resort in Maldives with Indian food that is known to get booked super quick. It has a wide variety of rooms on offer and also has an inhouse Indian restaurant called Tandoor Mahal that is known for its Biryani and also tandoor of course. The only downside with Kuramathi is that it might be hard to get a room here and it has only two transfers slots each for pick up and drop from and to the Male airport. If you are booking well in advance and good on the transfer arrangements, this is a great resort to choose.

View of Water Villas
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4. Atmosphere Kanifushi:

The Atmosphere chain has multiple properties in Maldives such as OBLU Helengeli, OBLU Sangeli, VARU, OZEN and so on. Kanifushi particularly is a premium resort that has shown special love for all the vegetarians out there. It is the first property to have a pure vegetarian restaurant in the Maldives called Just Veg. Subsequently, Just Veg has also been ranked as one among the top 10 best restaurants in the Maldives as well. The best part is, access to Just Veg comes with the default All-Inclusive plus meal plan and you don’t need to pay anything extra for it. It’s an amazing deal and property for those looking for premium 5-star experiences in Maldives.

5. Paradise Island Resort & Spa:

Paradies Island resort has been an established and popular resort in Maldives for quite a few years now. It’s super popular among Indians especially due to its affordable price and stellar service. This is quite a mainstay on a lot of lists and the resort serves great vegetarian and Indian food options. They also cater to specific requests as well as long as you give them a good heads up. If you want Jain options in the buffet, make sure to reach out to them at least 10 days before arrival to make sure that the same is accommodated. Also check Maldives Visa for Indians.

Pool villa in Maldives
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So those are the top 5 resorts known for their Indian and veggie food in Maldives. If you have been putting off from travelling to Maldives because of dietary restrictions you are definitely missing out. Most resorts these days don’t mind accommodating specific meal requirements as long as you give them a good head up and inform well in advance. So even if the resort that you are particularly after might not be on this list. Don’t let that stop you from checking with the property to see if they can accommodate your specific needs. You will be pleasantly surprised at how a lot of properties have now become much more complaint these days especially with the growing attention for and adoption of both veganism and vegetarianism.

So, don’t let this be a factor that keeps from you travelling to Maldives and enjoying all the tropical island goodness it has to offer. Head to our Maldives packages on Pickyourtrail to book your dream vacation by choosing from our list of Maldives honeymoon packages! or also check for other international tour packages.

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