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Maldives travel guidelines from India

One of the most beautiful and peaceful honeymoon destinations in the world is the Maldives. Though international travel to the Maldives has been paused for a while, it is now slowly resuming and getting back to normal. It is very important to know the latest guidelines and rules during international travel in this pandemic. Also, it is important to keep yourself healthy and safe. Dive in to know more about the rules and Covid restrictions when you travel from India to the Maldives.

How should you plan the travel?

  1. Plan your trip well in advance and book the tickets carefully according to your most comfortable date. 
  2. Make sure to book the hotel where you are going to stay during the trip.
  3. Practice social distancing and covid protocols very strictly. 

Can Indians travel to the Maldives now?

Yes. Indians can now travel to the Maldives after a short ban during the pandemic. Though travelling from India to the islands of Maldives was prohibited due to the serious spread of coronavirus, the international borders are now open. There are certain rules to be followed during travel that should be followed very strictly. 

How can you get a visa when you travel from India?

  1. You can either get a regular tourist visa or an e-Visa online. 
  2. You must provide the needful information in a very truthful and precise manner for the visa process. 

Can Indian tourists get visas on arrival?

Yes. The Maldives government has resumed issuing visas on arrival since 15 July 2021. 

NOTE– Visa on arrival is only for tourists travelling from South Asia as of now. Nationals from countries (other than South Asia) need to get a visa in advance. 

What to carry when you travel from India to the Maldives?

  1. It is important to carry your RT PCR negative test report which is taken only within 96 hours prior to the travel date. 
  2. Always carry valid identification proof.
  3. It is better to have a health insurance card that is valid.
  4. You will need to produce your hotel booking confirmation and valid return tickets. 

RT-PCR test and vaccination details during travel

  1. All passengers except kids under the age of 1 are expected to produce a COVID negative test result which is taken only 96 hours prior to the travel date. 
  2. All South Asians can get visas on arrival but it is better to be fully vaccinated before you travel anywhere.
  3. The traveller should be fully vaccinated at least before 14 days.

On arrival at the Maldives airport

  1. All passengers who arrive at the Maldives airport should take up the 2nd PCR test and wait till the test result is received. 
  2. You will reach your hotel and stay in the room until you receive the PCR negative test result. 
  3. Once the result turns out to be negative, you are free to continue the travel and enjoy the picturesque Maldives. 

What is the PCR test results positive?

  1. If the PCR test result says that the traveller is COVID positive, the person shall be immediately quarantined, will be provided with needed treatment and monitored continuously. 
  2. The person will be free from quarantine once the PCR test results are negative. 
  3. The person will not be able to travel further at least for the next 90 days. 

What if you feel the symptoms of COVID during the travel?

  1. If a person feels feverish or has any slight symptoms of COVID, the traveller will be immediately isolated and monitored. 
  2. If you feel the symptoms of COVID while travelling on the flight, the entire cabin crew shall be tested for safety measures. 
  3. The person will be isolated and will be made to take up the PCR test again.
  4. If the test results come out as negative, then the person can travel further. 

Who can travel to the Maldives?

  1. Tourists with a tourist visa
  2. Travellers who are nationals of the Maldives
  3. Workers who work in the Maldives with a work visa and some dependents of the workers

What are the major airlines operating from India to the Maldives? 

  1. Indigo
  2. Air India
  3. Vistara
  4. Spice Jet
  5. GoAir

Major health screening and RT PCR test

  1. All travellers should produce the PCR negative report and the test should be taken only within 96 hours prior to the travel date. 
  2. Kids under the age of 1 need not take up the PCR test. 
  3. It is safer to have health insurance. 

To which places Indians cannot travel in the Maldives?

Indians cannot travel to some of the islands in the Maldives where the natives live. For example, Male, Hulmale islands, Fihalhohi islands and Maafusi island hotels are some places where Indians are not allowed to travel. This ban is just temporary and will be lifted once the situation eases. 

Are there any emergency numbers to call in case of any COVID symptoms or help?

Tourists can call at 1676 for any COVID updates, help related to COVID or in case you have symptoms during the travel to the Maldives. 

Strict guidelines for tourists travelling to the Maldives

  1. Travellers should produce valid hotel booking proof.
  2. Also, tourists should produce confirmed return tickets at the airport. 
  3. Undergo all the needed health and safety pre-requisites. 
  4. Follow social distancing very strictly. 
  5. Always wear masks, wash and sanitise your hands every now and then.
  6. Avoid overcrowded areas and avoid eating unhygienic food during travel.
  7.  Have the Aarogya Setu app installed on your phone and monitor your health status regularly during your vacation in the Maldives. 

All these are the very strict and latest COVID guidelines stated by the Maldives government regarding international travel for Indian tourists. There are still some restrictions that will further be eased as the situation gets better. Until then it is advised to follow the rules very carefully and enjoy your vacation in a very safe manner.

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