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Maldives Travel Tips
Written by Rahul on October 14, 2020 Share on

Maldives Travel Tips – Know the do’s and don’t’s while entering to this romantic island

One of the best honeymoon destinations in the world is the amazing and the beautiful Maldives. When you think of honeymoon, that destination that comes to mind is this wonderful location. Covered with water all around, this is a pristine location. Known for its own romantic setting and one great ambience, who would not fall in love with this place. With great and pure white sands and turuoise coloured water, this place is also very much suitable for a whole day spend at the beach. This will certainly include the exciting water sport activities in the beach you will have the time of your life. Or other than this you can also spend a romantic evening in these beautiful beaches with your better half. But before all this you should certainly know the basics about this place. So here are the Maldives travel tips.

Maldives Travel Tips
Image Credits: Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Maldives Travel Tips

Considered one of the most romantic get aways in the world, Maldives is a famous tourist destination. Spread across the vast Indian ocean with more than 1190 coral and volcanic islands, Maldives is a must visit place at least once in your lifetime. To have one of the most seamless trips to this beautiful Island you should certainly learn the basics about that particular place. So here are the Maldives travel tips. It is very certain to know about this place so that you don’t end up with many surprises at the end. So let us look at the top things that you should certainly know about Maldives. This might help you on planning your trip much better or even while you are on the trip as you might never know when you would want a helping hand.

A Weatherly Vacation

Visit the beautiful land of Maldives when the weather is at its peak. So the best time for you to travel is between the months of November to March. this is the perfect time as there is a soft sunshine throughout. But definitely as this is a peak season, you will have to pay prices that are very high. So you can always travel during the Shoulder season of Maldives which will be between the peak season and a off season. This is the time when you will get the best discounts and not many rooms will be sold. This is one of the best Maldives Travel Tips to know.

Choose the right weather to travel to Maldives.
Image Credits: Image by Andreas Schau from Pixabay

Book Online

In the many tips and tricks that you will use to book a vacation for Maldives, one of the best Maldives travel tips is that, book everything online. This is because, you will be able to get the best deals and at the same time you will also be able to book rooms and flights at a cheaper cost. During a shoulder season, directly going and booking the rooms will be a good plan, but for a peak season, this will be the best thing one can do. Compare the prices of both hotels and flights to get the best option available.

Book your trip online is certainly one of the major tip for Maldives travel.
Image Credits: Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Wise Packing

When you are packing for a place like Maldives, you should be extra careful and responsible. Dont pack pork, alcohol and tobacco products with any of the religious books. If you want to captre all the action both on and of land, then you have got to pack the underwater resistant camera when it comes to accessories. Also if you can carry your own snorkelling or diving kits. this is to avoid the rental cost at the place. This is because the rental price will be a bit high. Carry cotton dress pairs with some swim suits to suit the weather and occasion. This is certainly one of the major Maldives travel tips.

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Packing Wisely is one of the major Maldives travel tips
Image Credits: Photo by Kevin Wolf on Unsplash

A beach never to be missed

Got and visit Boa Atoll and this will certainly be one of the top Maldives Travel tip given. This is because you’ll have a once in a lifetime experience here. In here you will be stunned to see the plankton emitting a luminent toxins in the bare night sky. this is absolutely a wonderful sight to get hold of. You can access many resorts that will certainly have a bioluminescent tours for you which you should never miss out on. But what you have to check out on is the exact timing of this phenomenon which is the right thing to do.

Bioluminescent beach in Maldives travel.
Image Credits: Photo by Kevin Wolf on Unsplash

Compare prices for all water sports activities

There are many watersports activities that Maldives as a destination gives to its tourists. Youw should definitely check out on the distance of the coral from your resorts to do the right activity. For a maldives destination on budget this is absolutely necessary. Each and every resort in Maldives will provide you with their own sets of water sports activities like Snokeling, Sea Kayakinf, Sea rafting, water boarding, Scuba diving andmany more. Compare the prices of the activities and choose wisely as this is one of the most important Maldives travel tips.

Rafting in Maldives
Image Credits: Image by Keith Johnston from Pixabay

Go for Halfboards and full board meal plans

When you are looking at meals in Maldives, it will certainly look at making a dent in your pockets. So we would certainly not suggest you to book an all inclusive meals. This means you should certainly take the half board or the full board option here. The half boards will include breakfast and either lunch or dinner and the full board meal plan will certainly be all the 3 meals in your package. This will certainly sum up to an ideal vacation plan for you in Maldives. Checaking these in advance and then booking your trip to Maldives will be the right ting for you to do.

Maldives meal plans being one of the major Maldives travel tips.
Image Credits: Photo by Ulysse pcl on Unsplash

Maldives is one of the major travel destinations visited by many travellers. So you will definitely have to book with the best for your Maldives holiday packages which is Pickyourtrail. You should also definitely customize your own vacations on the our website. On the same time if you have any doubts you can certainly contact us via Whatsapp.

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