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How does a Traveller Loyalty Programme to the Maldives sound to you?

Yes, you read that right! The Maldives is now offering Traveller Loyalty Programme points to all visitors planning their vacation to the Maldives. The loyalty programme will be the first of its kind by any country. This will prove to be a blessing in disguise for the Maldives which depends majorly on tourism for its economy. Imagine if all countries in the world resort to such programmes? Crawling back to normalcy on the tourism front will be a much smoother process.

The Programme

Maldives resorts
Image source: Pixabay

Although no clear cut guidelines have been devised as yet, this programme is sure to bring in that much-needed boost in tourism. The Border Miles Programme of the Maldives will comprise of a 3-tier system. This is Abaarana (Gold), Antara (Silver) and Aida (Bronze) and will be made available for all the visitors of the Maldives. Each of these points will be made redeemable during your visit to the Maldives. Sounds cool, right?

The official Twitter account belonging to the Maldives Immigration Board had come up with this cracker of an announcement recently and it has led to much excitement. The tweet read, “Maldives Border Miles is a three-tiered loyalty program for tourists. Tourists will earn points based on the number of visits and duration of stay. Additional points will be awarded for visits to celebrate special occasions.”

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The way forward

Maldives water villas
Image source: Pixabay

The Maldives Loyalty Programme is likely to go on floors by the end of this year and has already started gaining momentum in different parts of the globe. One of the officials from the Maldives Tourism Board stated that information with regards to the perks of these points will be divulged at a later date. But we can surely expect more clarity by the time it’s December 2023.

The Maldives was one of the first countries to open up borders and welcome tourists. A lot of tourists have made use of the air travel bubble arrangements and travelled to this archipelago. Recently, renowned actress Taapsee Pannu was also spotted vacationing in the Maldives along with her girl gang. It could be you next! 😉

All said and done, a vacation brings out the child in you and ends with complete happiness. The pandemic might have slowed down your plans, but don’t worry! Resorts across the Maldives have been ensuring that safety measures are followed at all costs. So, get set! It’s time to pack your bags and head to the surreal Maldives. Choose from a wide range of deals or Maldives tour packages offered by Pickyourtrail. Your dream vacation is just a blink away!

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