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Maldives Visa Information for UAE Passport Holders

The Maldives is a dream destination filled with amazing islands and fun-filled activities. With its ability to provide luxurious holidays to people, no wonder that it is one of the most sought after tourist places in the world. Planning to visit the Maldives from the United Arab Emirates? Then, you should be probably wondering about the formalities to enter this paradise. It is a tedious experience in itself to get a visa for your passport to enter any country but wait, the Maldives is not a tough nut to crack. Here is everything you need to know about the visa for the Maldives for UAE citizens.


Visa on arrival for the Maldives

Yes, you heard it right. It is exactly how it sounds! If you are a UAE citizen, you can get a visa on arrival for travelling to the Maldives as a tourist. The validity of the visa is 30 days which will be more than enough for a great holiday experience. There are few documents which need to be kept ready and it is a comparatively easier process compared to getting a visa before your travel. The Maldives Visa is free of cost for the 30 days and you will have to pay extra for an extension of any sort.


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Documents required to get a valid tourist visa on arrival for the Maldives

Getting a visa on arrival for the Maldives seem to be a easier process but you should make sure that you do all the necessary contributions from your end. To help you with it, here are documents that are compulsory to get yourself a Maldives visa on arrival.

  1. Passport: You would need an original UAE Passport with at least 6 months remaining validity on the date of travel. The Passports should also have at least 2 visa pages clear of any markings.
  2. Travel itinerary: You should submit reservations of your travel plan i.e. the resort bookings.
  3. Flight Bookings: Flight ticket copies need to be submitted for your return travel from the Maldives.
  4. Proof of Funds: You should prove that you have adequate funds to cover all expenses for the duration of the stay. The minimum amount to have is considered to be around 150 USD per person per night.

Provided you give all these documents with proper verification, you will mostly get your visa on arrival. However, the visa on arrival is not mandatory and it can be rejected. Let’s see on why there is a chance of the Maldives Tourist visa on arrival being denied.


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Denial of Maldives visa on arrival

Getting a visa on arrival on the Maldives is not a right of the traveller and the Maldives department of immigration serves the right to deny entry in the following cases. 

  • If the produced documents aren’t valid or aren’t what was expected to be. 
  • If the documents are found out to be falsified.
  • If the immigration officer speculates a person’s intention is to agitate harmony or entertain illegal activities in the country.
  • If the individual is found to someone who affects the religious/political harmony

Extension of Maldives visa on arrival

You can extend your stay at the Maldives by extending the visa deadline by filling up the visa extension application form at the Immigration head office during its work hours in the capital city of Male. The extension will be under the consideration of the immigration officials and they have the right to approve or deny the request. The application will be considered after immigration reassesses the monetary position of the applicant for the revised duration of stay.

Hope you have known everything you need to know about the Maldives visa on arrival. If you need further assistance or if you need to plan a beautiful Maldives vacation to the paradise of Maldives, please feel free to reach out to our travel experts at Pickyourtrail. If you are looking for a perfect plan to visit the Maldives, you can select from the plethora of packages available and if not, you can customise your very own itinerary. Go ahead and unwrap the Maldives!

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