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Florence Markets
Written by Dwaraka on May 15, 2020 Share on

Markets in Florence

The Italian way of life emphasizes the importance of community and connection and so are their markets which breathes life and innate social spaces. It is a deep-rooted tradition in Italy especially Florence dating back over a thousand years to shop in the Markets in Florence. All kinds of people shop at the markets for essential items ranging from bread, fresh fruits, olive oil and all. The markets are bustling with tradesmen trading and having a ‘chiacchierare’, a favourite Italian pastime. We have listed below some of the best shopping places in Florence.

The shopping markets of Florence are one of the most underrated highlights of the city. Giving an authentic Italian experience, strolling through the stall-holders and gaging on the goods is an experience we at Pickyourtrail recommend undoubtedly. Read on to know about the best markets in Florence. 

Markets in Florence
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Mercato Centrale Firenze (Central Market in Florence)

Florence’s Mercato Centrale Firenze or Central Market is a foodie’s paradise spread across a spacious industrial building making the San Lorenzo area very lively. This is one of the best Markets in Florence. All kinds of produce from fresh ‘‘schiacciata’, an authentic Tuscan bread sprinkled with salt and olive oil to Tuscan ham, seasonal fruits and vegetables, everything is available in here in great quantities and high quality. Located right next to the train station, it is open on all days from 8 am until midnight. 

Mercato Nuovo, Market in Florence

Mercato Nuovo, one of the famous markets of Florence, has seen many changes through the years from being a silk and gold market catering for the rich of Florence to now selling leather goods and souvenirs. The famous statue of the wild boar in the centre of the market has a pose of rubbing its nose which is believed to bring good luck. Open all days except Monday from 9 am to 7 pm. 

 Sant’Ambrogio Market

Sant' Ambrogio Market
Image credit – Unsplash

A Florentine favourite,  Sant’Ambrogio Market, overflows with fresh fish, all varieties of meats, grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables and whatnot. The best part about this market is that it is a typical Florentine market and thus hardly any tourists are seen. Perfect place to shop for local produce, household supplies and kitchenware in the markets of Florence and we also recommend gorging on traditional ‘trattorie’ and robust house red wine with delicious pasta. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 2 pm.

Santo Spirito Flea Market and Artisan Markets in Florence

Step a little outside of Florence to stop at a quiet market for the locals of Florence in the Piazza Santo Spirito. Except on the second Sunday of the month, this market is a silent paradise for shoppers. This flea market makes the piazza quite lively with collections of antiques, food, handmade goods, vintage clothes and more. On the next Sunday, this market of Florence is yet again lively with an Artisan Market. One can buy organic, local and handmade products of all kinds from wine, honey, bread to furniture, jewellery, candles and household goods. Open only on Sunday throughout the day. 

These are just four famous markets of Florence and we at Pickyourtrail urge all our travellers to look beyond Pisa tours when in Florence. Be an Italian when in Italy! Start planning your itinerary with such experiences to perish for a lifetime!

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