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All You Need To Know About Melbourne Docklands

The Melbourne Docklands or simply known as the Docklands is the product of an ongoing urban renewal project to extend the area of the Melbourne central business district. It is also host to a variety of new attractions in Melbourne, including the Docklands Stadium and the Melbourne Star Observation wheel.

Melbourne Docklands is a futuristic harbour community that is occupied by high-rises and the glamorous Melbourne Star Observation Wheel and famous for shopping and dining on the shore. The pedestrian plazas in the area are adorned with public murals, sculpture and displays of light. Families are going to Etihad Stadium concerts and games, and to the simulators of mini-golf and sports cars at Harbour Area.

Docklands In Melbourne
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Melbourne Docklands was initially a wetland region composed of a large salt lake at the source of the Moonee Ponds Creek and a massive marsh (known as West Melbourne Marsh). In 1880, to Reroute the Yarra River a project was begun under the guidance of British civil engineer John Coode. This resulted in the river being widened for shipping, and a new Victoria Dock being created.

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Heritage Sites

Significant heritage buildings include 67 Spencer Lane, old railroad offices, sheds of railroad products. The Seafarers Building Company, Victoria Harbour and Central Pier, Queens Terminal, Docklands Park gantry crane, plus a few factories plus container sheds.

Morning at the Docklands In Melbourne
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The major districts in the Melbourne Docklands region are as follows

  • Batman Hill
  • Collins Square
  • Stadium Precinct 
  • Digital Harbour at Comtechport Precinct
  • Victoria Harbour
  • New Quay
  • Yarra’s Edge
  • Waterfront City 
  • Melbourne Central city Studios.


The Melbourne Docklands are well connected by rails, roads and waterways. Most of the Melbourne Docklands district is occupied by rail yards formerly used for freight transport and rolling stock that is slowly being restored or overbuilt. There was also a proposed tram line to Footscray which later faced a major setback in late 2008 due to Government Opposition. Three ferry terminals also link Docklands with the Melbourne City Center and the suburbs of the inner bayside. Another at Victoria Harbour, one at New Quay and one at the Edge of Yarra.

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Things to do 

Unique Urban Art Sculptures

The Melbourne Docklands houses numerous art sculptures. They have become a unique identifier of the area and showcase the creative part of Melbourne on the whole. Each sculpture has its own theme, be it past and future, land and sea or culture and technology.

Library at the Dock

The Library at the dock is the best place if you are interested in slipping into a good book, along with good coffee and a great view. Known for its sustainable design and architecture, Library at The Dock provides a completely relaxed environment to delve into the sea of knowledge. 

Contemporary Bridges

The two main bridges Webb Bridge and Jim Stynes Bridge are to be found in the Dockland region of Melbourne. The Webb Bridge links Yarra River’s North and South Sides, bridging Docklands and South Wharf, and features designs focused on the Native fishing nets, fishing cages, and drums. Jim Stynes Bridge received its reputation from the late footballer. 

Bridges from Docklands In Melbourne
Source: Unsplash

The Melbourne Star

The Melbourne Star is a giant Ferris wheel that was built in 2008. It is illuminated at night by a vivid show of lights matching the star form. The Melbourne Star gives visitors a full aerial view of Melbourne at any time and is also a part of the top 10 biggest Ferris wheels in the world. 

The Melbourne star
Source: Unsplash

Shop Till You Drop

The significant characteristic of a great neighbourhood is the availability of decent retail centres and their connectivity. Docklands is the ideal place for anyone searching for Quality and Variety. From Industrial Exit to Harbour Town’s open-air markets and the Sunday Fair, Docklands has a range that accommodates all sorts of Human Beings. So rest and walk through the rows of shops and stalls at your own pace.


There’s a smorgasbord of food choices in The Annex, Newquay, Victoria Harbour and Waterfront Town, squeezed in between the shopping district, beneath luxurious condos and the marina lining. Sample Turkish, Indian or Vietnamese fare, go Mod-Oz, pick handcrafted baked products and locally roasted coffee, or cool off with a gelato and sail down the jetty as the sunsets.

Yarra River Cruise

The Yarra River is a nice and important part of Melbourne. Docklands offers a number of journeys. Take the Melbourne Tramboat, the only one of its type in the world if you’re in for a river-side antique experience; or the Melbourne Showboat, if a more luxurious journey is what is in search for. A trip down the Yarra River in Docklands is a completely new experience.

Best time to Visit

The perfect time to tour Australia itself will be in December to February during the mild days. It is the busiest time of the season, which draws tourists from all over the world. Such months have the lowest amount of rainfall, and days may range from 16 and 19 degrees centigrade while not yet dry. A large number of crowds despite being the peak time of the season. If slim crowds and off-peak prices are the targets of your travel, then the best period to schedule the travel will be off-peak season between February and March, or October and November. The days are fairly mild, and dry.

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