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merdeka square
Written by Farheen on May 30, 2020 Share on

One-Stop Guide on Merdeka Square In Kuala Lumpur

Merdeka Square, previously identified as “Selangor Club Padang” or just “Padang,” is a very famous tourist attraction. Merdeka Square accurately means “Independence Square,” where the Malaysian Flag was lifted for the first time on 31st August 1957 at midnight. The square is enclosed by multiple flags and in the centre is the world’s tallest flagpole (95 meters tall). The encompassing flags symbolise different Federal Territories and Malaysian provinces. Merdeka Square carries large historical importance in Malaysian history and is circled by several other historical structures. A visitor can spend quite a while here just being hypnotised by the colonial design of all the buildings. Right next to the square is Sultan Abdul Samad Building, previously recognised as “Government Offices.” To the south of Merdeka Square, is Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, which is home to miniature figures explaining the narrative of Kuala Lumpur. It also houses a Spectacular City Model display in the gallery itself. It has been revealed to the public newly and has attained a lot of attention from tourists.

Merdeka Square
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Things To Do In Merdeka Square

At Night

Merdeka Square at night is a spectacle not to be missed. All the neighbouring buildings, as well as Merdeka Square, are lit up for the light presentation. This presentation showcases the colonial design of the buildings. The square looks like a fantasy lit up with wonderfully glowing lights. As the previous mayor of Kuala Lumpur declared that the roads would be sealed from 9 PM to 4 AM, many of the local families, as well as the visitors, started strolling about at night to enjoy their nights.

There is also a fountain, where families and tourists relax and experience a calm and tranquil evening. On 31st August each year, there is a parade the Independence Day parade which is not to be avoided. The culture of Malaysia is portrayed superbly in the parade each year and is a happy occasion for everyone present.

Merdeka Square at night is packed with families and tourists, making it a lively surrounding. On the first week of each month, food trucks will be working to provide for the crowd that attends this historical gem. There are various events which are also arranged around the square to keep the public satisfied. Merdeka Square at night groups every person now and transforms them into one individual community.

Royal Selangor Club

Royal Selangor Club
Credits: Flickr

The venue for Malaysia’s yearly Merdeka Parade (Independence Day) celebration, Merdeka Square houses rock concerts and below the pitch is the Plaza Putra shopping complex. Meanwhile, right opposite is the truly British Tudor-inspired Royal Selangor Club: established in 1884 it was the popular watering hole of the British aristocracy and the heart of colonial society in its youth. The constant backdrop in most tour photos of Merdeka Square, much of it was demolished in a fire in the 1960s. The restored club is still a popular retreat of KL VIPs. The low, black-and-white mock-Tudor structure used to be termed ‘the Spotted Dog’ in remembrance of its mascot – a Dalmatian pertaining to a past member. Though membership is free to anyone who can manage it, RSC’s colonial saloon is still an elite retreat and continues as an all-male club.

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