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Most Beautiful Beaches in Azerbaijan
Written by Rhea Alex on June 27, 2023 Share on

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Azerbaijan To Soak In The Sun

Not many travellers talk about Azerbaijan or are even familiar with the existence of the region in today’s day and age. But the fact of the matter remains that  Azerbaijan offers tourists some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. The stunning coastlines are truly breathtaking with the extensive coastline and the white sandy beaches.

Both locals and International tourists are seen flooding the beaches through the varied seasons, hoping with all their heart to experience the ambience and vibe that Azerbaijan has on its cards. Not only are the beaches bursting with life but, they’re also filled with a number of smaller restaurants and cafes that serve some of the best food in the region. Enjoy your vacation by adventuring baku with the Baku tour packages.

The local cuisine and delicacies are most definitely a delight to your taste buds and leave you longing for so much more. The amount of love, care and effort that the locals put into a wide array of snacks and produce remains an inspiring sight to behold.

Tourists can also witness a number of families, couples and even younger kids relaxing, enjoying a dip and maybe even playing some of their favourite games along the shores of the beach. The long stretches of coastline are witnessed across hundreds of kilometres as the Caspian Sea extends from the Northern regions of Dagestan, all the way to the ‘Land of Fire’ in the Southern part of the land.

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This is one of the most scenic and picturesque landscape journeys you could venture out while in Azerbaijan. It gives tourists a small glimpse of what some of the most beautiful beaches in Azerbaijan have in store for them. Tourists head back home with a series of lovely memories and most often wish that their stay could extend just that little bit longer.

If there’s one concern at all, it remains the fact that oil has continued to cause a number of issues for the region, over the years. This, in turn, has cost the environment greatly and has resulted in the diminishment of the picturesque beaches that the region has been blessed with. 

For those of you who would love to explore some of the most beautiful beaches in Azerbaijan. Find all of our recommendations below. We’ve listed out everything from the beach clubs, to the best spots in the country to so much more. 

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Azerbaijan

Find everything you need to know about this beautiful region and the beaches that surround it right here. A read through the blog is all that you need. 

  1. Bilgah Beach
  2. Shikhov Beach
  3. Amburan Beach Club
  4. Absheron Peninsula Beaches
  5. Pirsagi
  6. Nabran

Bilgah Beach

The ‘Bilgah Beach,’ is easily one of the best beaches you’ll find in the capital city of Baku. And the secret behind this remains the oil pollution in the region. The ‘Absheron Peninsula’s’ northeastern tip finds itself located on the one-kilometre stretch of white sandy beaches along the coast. 

Popularly referred to as one of the public hotspots of beach clubs in the region, ‘Bilgah,’ isn’t just like any of your tropical paradise of Thailand or Maldives. If you’re wondering if the beach comes along with admission fees, you can rest assured that visitors can enjoy the ambience of the beach free of cost.  

Shikhov Beach

The ‘Shikhov Beach,’ is just about a  fifteen-minute bus ride from the central region of the Baku city and remains more or less accessible to commutation. But, tourists need to keep in mind that not everybody in the region, rents a car or has hired a driver of sorts for their journey. The complex itself provides guests with all the sustenance they may need – changing areas, umbrellas, lounges and much more. 

Amburan Beach Club

If a relaxing journey is what you’re looking for, we would recommend you head over to the ‘Amburan Beach Club,’ located in the capital city of Baku. This beach resort in the Bilgah region offers one of the best places for tourists to have a peaceful, calm and refreshing vacation.

Tourists can witness a series of loungers that are orange sand filled, as they make their way through the club and stumble across a number of umbrellas overlooking the Caspian Sea. The club also gives tourists the opportunity to avail a number of amenities like – restaurants, bars, cafes, swimming pools and so on. 

Absheron Peninsula Beaches

Extending all the way to the North-Eastern part of Baku, is the famous ‘Absheron Peninsula,’ with the ‘Pirallahi Island,’ situated right at its eastern tip. As tourists find themselves driving through the region, they’ll find themselves a wide array of restaurants, hotels, cafes and endless beach clubs – the Buzovna, Mayak and Northern Gress being just some of them.


The city of ‘Pirsagi,’ finds itself located on the northern side of Absheron, with its long stretches of beaches to grace the coastline. The beaches themselves are filled with golden sand and a number of seaside resorts, which in turn makes it one of the most happening places in the region.

Tourists can stroll through the beaches, enjoy a delight or two or maybe even relax as they watch the gentle waves crash onto the shore. If you don’t mind burning a hole through your wallet, you could even head over to some of the luxurious private beach clubs. Most of these clubs offer tourists a wide range of amenities that they can avail and enjoy during their stay. 


Travellers who are looking for a unique experience altogether with some of the most secluded beaches in Azerbaijan can head over to the region of Nabran. Located just about a few kilometres from the Northern border of  Dagestan, lies some of the clearest waters in the country. Tourists find themselves drawn towards a number of seaside resorts in the region. 

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