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Beautiful Towns to visit in Greece
Written by Nigilesh on August 6, 2020 Share on

6 Most Beautiful Towns in Greece That Are Drop-Dead Gorgeous

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries to visit around the globe. The place has so many reasons for travellers to enjoy this place. Starting from the Iconic ancient structures like the Colosseum to some of the beautiful islands in the world, the place has everything to offer. For so many centuries the primary trade routes were by sea rather than land. It was considered convenient to transport people and goods over ships till the late 20th century. Few words that can very well depict the small towns in Greece are Stunning, gorgeous and scenic. Here we take a look at some of the beautiful towns in Greece.

6 Most Beautiful Towns in Greece

  • Oia
  • Mykonos Town
  • Monemvasia
  • Parga
  • Kalambaka
  • Molyvos

1. Oia

This is the most scenic and world-famous small town in Greece. This town is located on the island of Santorini. When it comes to areas that attract guests like a bunch of bees, you’re talking about Oia. Oia has the most spectacular sunsets every day thanks to its geographical position. Renowned for its whitewashed houses and bright blue domes, you will never forget to stroll along the labyrinth of enticing narrow roads, pop into the occasional shop or art museum. This small town is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece and also one of the primary reasons for travellers to visit Santorini.

Oia, Most Beautiful Towns in Greece
Source: Google Images

Oia Castle is the primary highlight of this village. This place has been tapping in visitors for more than 500 years now. If you are a photographer then get ready with your lens to take some of the most beautiful shots of your life. That’s how awesome the place is. This is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece that one shouldn’t skip while on their vacation to Greece.

2. Mykonos Town

The capital of Mykonos is also called as Mykonos Chora by the local people. This is a prime picture of those whitewashed streets of the Cyclades, with its beautifully lit shutters and balconies. The area has a lively nightlife, even Mykonos is recognized as the party island of Greece. Little Venice is a part of the region where the residences and restaurants go up to the waterfront.

Mykonos Town, Most Beautiful Towns in Greece
Source: Google Images

It’s pleasant, and the winding roads behind it are an interesting maze of shops and nightclubs. In fact, the town is named after the Greek god Apollo’s grandson Mykonos. Also, the famous windmills in this place are visited by a handsome number of travellers every year. This is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece which is a must visit.

3. Monemvasia

Monemvasia is more like an Island more than a town. It’s a peanut-shaped landmass to the south of Greece. It is connected via a bridge with the mainland. The ancient village is completely filled with the castles and is hence it is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece. The place wasn’t safe as it can be an easy target for the pirates since it is isolated from the mainland. Medieval Castle of Monemvasia is one of the key highlights in the beautiful town.

Monemvasia, Most Beautiful Towns in Greece
Image credits: Unsplash

The town is basically split into two regions –  North and South. Most of the happening places are in the southern part of the town while the northern part is still untouched for the most part. It is a popular destination for honeymooners who would love to take a nice and pleasant stroll along the streets of this beautiful town.

4. Parga

This beautiful small town is often referred to as an Island destination but the place is actually in the mainland. Krioneri beach, Lichnos beach and Valtos beach are few of the scenic beaches in the village. Among the highlights of Parga, tourists will appreciate its quaint and vibrant houses on the coastline and the stone streets.

Parga, Most Beautiful Towns in Greece
Source: Google Images

Apart from this, the town has two other famous castles. Ali Passha Castle which for the most part is ruined yet beautiful sight. And a Venetian Castle dating back to the 14th century. With every aspect of the destinations matching perfectly for a memorable vacation, this beautiful town in Greece is a must visit.

5. Kalambaka

The region located in central Greece is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece. This place has huge rock formations which were formed due to the landslides that might have happened back in time. The place much like other places in Greece also has so many ancient structures and sites. Surprisingly, the place gets its name from a nations TV show.

Image credits: Unsplash

Kalambaka has a rich history dating back to ancient Greece and especially the Byzantine era, with plenty of beautiful Orthodox churches and chapels. This also has a few UNESCO world heritage sites. The houses in the place have a red roof which is pleasing to the eye. What more are you expecting? These are pretty much enough to keep you engaged for 2 complete days. 

6. Molyvos

Situated in the Lesvos island of Greece is the small town of Molyvos. Surprisingly, it is located in close proximity to Turkey than Greece. This place is also called as Mithymna. Year after year visitors come back as they enjoy local hospitality, quality of living, good food and stunning scenery. It is nestled between the sea and a castle built during the Byzantine era, the Castle of Mithymna.

Molyvos, Most Beautiful Towns in Greece
Source: Google Images

The place also has a few museums and art galleries where you can spend some quality time. Apart from that, the place has a beautiful coastline where you can spend as much time as you want. The sunsets are splendid along with the blue waters in the ocean. The list of most beautiful towns in Greece won’t be complete without this beautiful small town.

Obviously, the beauty of a destination like Greece can’t be expressed in an article, one should be there to experience its beauty of the highest order. There are few other Islands that are worth visiting but the ones on the list are the ones you just can’t miss out on.

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