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Written by Rohitha Bollipalli on November 21, 2018 Share on

These 9 bridges are so dangerous it’s surprising that they exist

Come take a plunge with me! All of the below content and locations are purely for the steel-hearted. Let me steer you along the routes of the most dangerous bridges in the world. They’re unbelievably marvellous, built with magical tools and are adrenaline-inducing. Enjoy!

9. Deception Pass Bridge, Washington:

This bridge was built by young men of the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1934. It is at a whopping 1486 metres high and 180m above water level!

8. Ghasa, Nepal:

Ghasa Bridge, Nepal
Image credit – Flickr.com

A hanging bridge built above a river valley for transporting cattle. These herds must have meant so much to the locals of Ghasa because the result is a beautiful one. It sways in the air, looks like a precarious little rope bridge. Believe me or not, this one will not ever come off. It’s been there for years and animals have been coming and going forever.

7. Royal Gorge Bridge, USA:

Until 2003, this was the highest bridge in the world. It still is one awesome construction. Any Colorado trip will take a detour to this bridge. The efforts that would have gone into the construction of this one is still a marvel.

6. Aiguille du Midi – France:

This is no normal sky deck. It is up in the mountains, in the clouds. Sitting inside the observation deck would give you a good view of all the French Alps in the surrounding areas. Its situated 12600 feet above sea level. I’m sure you understand now.

5. Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia:

This bridge is situated 700 metres above the sea level. That’s pretty high, isn’t it? Sadly, this bridge has been closed now until further notice.

4. Marienbrucke, Germany:

Dangerous Bridges Germany

Situated in the Bavarian Alps is this architectural wonder. It has been named the world’s most dangerous bridge several times over, for it connects two steep cliffs and gives a passage from one mountain to another.

3. Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada:s


This one near Vancouver is put up right above the Capilano River. The sight might be good and the view splendid, but this surely is not a piece of cake. A fall could mean entanglement in one of those pines and life with the woodland creatures. But hey, it’s a dangerous bridge. Why does that mean it won’t be a great adventure?

2. Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge, UK:


This one from Ireland is situated high at a mean height of 30 metres sitting directly above a dangerous cliff. This Antrim town bridge challenges even the best of all. So gather all your guts if you’re considering across this bridge!


1.Trift Bridge, Switzerland:

Looking like a neat piece of heart attack is Trfit Bridge. It is situated deep in the Swiss Alps in the Gadmen area. This is no joke because a fall could swiftly take your life away with a height of 110 metres.

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