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Fascinating Places to Visit in Thailand
Written by Aditi Kumari on July 13, 2021 Share on

10 Most Fascinating Places to Visit in Thailand

Being one of the world’s most thrilling vacationer locations, Thailand is home to some of the most fascinating places. Thailand is a growing tourist destination, and for good reason, it accompanies vigorous urban areas, dazzling seashores, and the immense scope of fabulous encounters. Toward the north, you’ll discover urban areas, towns, and distant networks, a large number of which offer incredible touring encounters. While in south Thailand has different islands which can be ideal for those after a loosening up trip. Thailand is very much evolved and gives a wide range of current solaces – yet it’s additionally still wild enough to offer off in an unexpected direction experience and once in a blue moon travel encounters.

Hey! are you wondering where you should visit? Here are some fascinating places to visit in Thailand, for instance, to learn a greater amount of Thai history and culture, for those after a city break and after a relaxing seashore occasion. So what are you waiting for, Let’s get started!

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10 Most Fascinating Places to Visit in Thailand

1. Ancient City of Ayutthaya

Ancient City of Ayutthaya, Fascinating Places to Visit in Thailand
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If you are interested in exploring sanctuaries, stupas, buddhas, and monasteries, then Ayutthaya is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Thailand for you. Today the antiquated city lies in disintegrating ruins yet the remaining parts of the unprecedented transcending sanctuaries are classed now as a UNESCO world heritage site and are hauntingly delightful. What’s so intriguing about this spot is that it shows splendid instances of Thai craftsmanship and offers a sublime look into the magnificence of antiquated Thailand.

Just an hour’s train venture from Bangkok or a short transport trip, the old city of Ayutthaya ought to be on each guest’s itinerary. The ruins at Ayutthaya will ship guests to a period of the city’s greatness when it filled in as the capital of the Kingdom of Siam. The town is overflowing with that energy you get when there’s one sanctuary, hold up, another, and another. Indeed, there are many Wats spread around Ayutthaya and its area.

2. Phuket

Phuket, Fascinating Places to Visit in Thailand
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Known for its ravishing seashores, magnificent diving, and a plenitude of rich spas, Phuket is Thailand’s driving traveler destination. Found on the southwest coast of the country, Phuket is the country’s biggest island, associated with the territory by two bridges. It offers explorers more than 30 lovely white sand seashores just as a lot of extravagance resorts.

The white sandy seashores, completely clear ocean, a gathering town, and untamed life encounters — Phuket has a smidgen of everything. Yoga retreats and heartfelt breaks embrace the bluffs of the rough coastline on the east of the island. Here you’ll find covered-up narrows and dusk sees directly out to the skyline.

If you need to benefit as much as possible from Thailand’s best islands and seashores, Phuket is the best place of interest in Thailand to visit. Fun and experience are to be found wherever from aquariums and shell galleries to public parks including whitewater boating, ocean kayaking, scuba diving, wilderness traveling, and whatnot.

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3. Bangkok

Bangkok, Fascinating Places to Visit in Thailand
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Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is for some an extraordinary beginning stage when visiting the country. The city is renowned for its nightlife, markets, excellent sanctuaries, and memorable locales. For example, the amazing Grand Palace is home to Thailand’s valuable Emerald Buddha.

The way of life shock initiating capital has some mind-boggling spots of interest that you would be silly to miss. Features incorporate the outlandishly bejeweled Grand Palace, Wat Arun (one of the most seasoned and most popular tourist spots in Bangkok), and Wat Po which is home to a giant leaning back Buddha.


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4. White Temple Chiang Rai

The ivory-hued front of this complicatedly cut structure makes it quite possibly the most breathtaking sight in the country. At the opposite finish of the range, the Black Temple in the core of Chiang Rai is an amazing gothic dreamscape of cut dark wood and animal bones. You can likewise experience Thailand’s northern cooking in the Night Bazaar.

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5. Erawan National Park

Erawan National Park, 10 Most Fascinating Places to Visit in Thailand
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Erawan National Park, toward the west of Bangkok, is a wonderland of lovely cascades and fascinating caverns. The seven-layered Erawan Waterfall falls into pools an uncommon shade of blue. This must be one of Thailand’s most beautiful normal pools, simply asking for a plunge. A wide range of tropical birdlife stirs in the trees, so it’s additionally a twitcher’s heaven. There are broad cave networks loaded up with rock works of art and underground streams to cause you to feel like a gutsy explorer.

6. Chiang Mai

The Silver Temple is an exceptional sanctuary to visit in Chiang Mai rather than the gold highlighted on most sanctuaries nearby. The outside is many-sided, with purposeful anecdotes of the Tipitaka and the world capitals showed on the walls.

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Chiang Mai, 10 Most Fascinating Places to Visit in Thailand
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A top decision for advanced travelers and ex-pat educators in Thailand, Chiang Mai, is regularly a staple in any Thailand agenda. Well known for wilderness hikes, the Yee Peng Festival light celebration, elephant sanctuaries, and an entire scope of other extraordinary encounters.

7. Railay Beach

Considered by numerous individuals as perhaps the best seashores in the country, Railay Beach, Krabi promises to provide guarantees of white sand, turquoise water, and the inclination that you’ve discovered even before your feet contact the sand. Among the numerous other dynamic activities, Railay is notable for its ocean rafting and kayaking, swimming, and scuba plunging yet guests can likewise take a stab at cooking classes or enjoy a back massage.

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Railay Beach
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8. Pai

The next one of the most fascinating places to visit in Thailand is Pai. Pai is a humble town situated towards the North East of Thailand and near the Myanmar (Burma) border. Being along the Pai River it’s feasible to appreciate watersports, for example, whitewater boating and tubing. For nature sweethearts and climbers you’ll need to investigate Pai Canyon.

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Because of Pai’s expanding deluge of sightseers, the city has expanded in the travel industry offices with various guesthouses, eateries, keepsake shops, and bars. Pai’s Wednesday Market is a famous fascination.

9. Doi Inthanon National Park

Likewise alluded to as the “Top of Thailand,” Doi Inthanon National Park has everything – numerous cascades, a nature trail, Thailand’s tallest pinnacle, Sakura blooms in January, and the renowned King and Queen pagoda close to the top. It’s a 3-ish hour drive from Chiang Mai toward the east and a beautiful day or overnight outing.

 Doi Inthanon National Park
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It has mountains, phenomenal birdwatching, fabulous cascade seeing, and staggering nightfalls. The recreation center highlights climbing trails that cross the Himalayas and is an incredible objective to add for anybody investing energy in northern Thailand.

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10. Kanchanaburi

Most notable for the recorded importance Kanchanaburi played during World War II, it’s here you can track down the Japanese exacted Burma Death Railway and Allied War Cemetery, however, there’s in reality significantly more to this clamoring minimal Thai town.

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Found a speedy two-hour transport ride away from Bangkok, beside the WWII tourist spots, what to do in Kanchanaburi incorporate quiet bamboo water boating and climbing to the well-known Erawan Waterfall.


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So, these are some fascinating destinations that you can visit in Thai. These places will leave you in heaven and you couldn’t want anything more than to visit these spots once more. Anyway, why pause? Let’s, plan your significant vacay with Pickyourtrail. You can also customize your Thailand itinerary or choose our perfectly pre-planned Thailand tour packages and for more assistance, drop us a Whatsapp message and our travel specialists will connect with you. Open up the world with Pickyourtrail!

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