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Bird eye view of Mount Abu
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on July 20, 2020 Share on

Visit the frosty mountains of Rajasthan, Mount Abu

Mount Abu, located in Rajasthan is a place that can be used as a getaway to escape reality and it is one of the best hill stations in Rajashthan. Since it is situated in the higher elevated ground, the place is untouched by the scorching heat. Visit here and take a peek at the lush green mountains and dense forest. You can visit Mount Abu any time of the year and it always remains chilly compared to other regions of Rajasthan.

Mount Abu
Image Source: Unsplash

Tourists from not just India but from all around the world visit the famous Mount Abu and spend at least a good three to four days. The place is truly an escapade from reality that everyone must experience. While here, be sure to visit Mount Abu Sanctuary. Home to wild animals like leopard, striped hyena, sambar etc.

The different climates of Mount Abu

What is summer season like?

The state of Rajasthan is well known for scorching heat during the summer. But Mount Abu is one of the places you would want to visit in Rajasthan during the summer. The region offers comforting weather, not too hot nor too cold. The temperature here in the mornings is moderately warm and the evenings get pleasant making it the right time for outdoor activities.

Mount Abu hosts tons of festivals and carnivals during the summer. At any given point, the travellers re sure to find something that can keep then engaged. For example, if you are travelling during the month of March, the region celebrates the festival of Gangaur. If you are visiting in the month of June, be a part of another famous festival called the Summer Festival held there. Most of these festivals are usually two days long filled with music, dance, fun and frolic.

The number of travellers visiting Mount Abu is quite high in summer. Everyone wants to run away far from scorching heat and they head towards this quick and beautiful place.

What is monsoon season like?

Monsoon in Rajasthan is a wonderful time to visit the region of Mount Abu. The place receives relatively less rainfall compared to the districts in Rajasthan. During the monsoon, the entire region – valleys, landscapes are bathed in chill rainwater, making the place bright green in colour and fresher. The entire region becomes a little more romantic than the usual making it a place to fall in love with.

Aerial View of Mount Abu
Image Source: Unsplash

Visiting here during the monsoon will provide with one of a kind experience. Go on long walks and enjoy nature while it is calm and best. Monsoon is the best season to enjoy a long walk in the sparkling mountains and have a picnic for lunch. If you are someone who loves to spot birds, then do it here while you hear the birds chip to the raindrops.

Like mentioned, with slight rain pour, the mountains pop out the colour green as they get drenched. You can see Mount Abu in a whole new perspective that will make you fall in love with the mountains if not already. Visiting the place during monsoon may be low key but can be filled with fun for couples.

What is winter season like?

Winters in Mount Abu are nothing like any other district in the state of Rajasthan. Though there is no snow or snowfall in the Mountains of Abu, the weather here gets a perfect level of coldness. Due to its frosty peaks in the winter, there are several myths related to snowfall. In reality, there have never been snowfalls in Mount Abu. Though there is no snow up there, the climate there is quite chill making it a favourite destination for the people of Rajasthan and India. The temperature here does not drop below 12-degree Celsius which makes it perfect for tourists travelling from other regions stay comfortable.

Misty Mornings in Mount Abu
Image Source: Unsplash

Winters are known to be one of the best time to visit Mount Abu. For those who plan on honeymooning at Mount Abu, we suggest you drop by here during winter so you can warm up and be cosy. Exploring the town is pretty nice during the winter season. Not just that, like every other season, people of Mount Abu celebrate winter by organising the Winter Festival. A three-day-long festival that happens in December annually. Take part in the festival that exhibits the traditions and cultures of the people of Rajasthan. With a number of sports events, music and performances, you are sure to be glued to your seat. Enjoy the surroundings with some yummy food and drinks to your tummy.

Places to visit in Mount Abu

  1. Dilwara Temples
  2. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
  3. Guru SHikar
  4. Lake Nakki
  5. Achalgarh Village
  6. Toad Rock
  7. Arbuda Devi Temple
  8. Raghunath Temple
  9. Trevor’s Tank
  10. Brahma Kumari Ashram
  11. Honeymoon Point
  12. Sunset Point
  13. Gaumukh Temple
  14. Local Market

Things to do in Mount Abu

Lake Nakki
Image Source: Unsplash
  • Go for boat rides at Lake Nakki.
  • Try adventure sport rappelling at Mount Abu. Rappelling refers to bike sport where you will be riding a bike from a steep plane and going down the mountain.
  • Spend your day by trekking or rock climbing at Mount Abu.
  • An amazing thing about Mount Abu is you can spend your early mornings by going on a hot air balloon ride.
  • If you are too lazy for a morning ride, why not try horse riding.


  • Check the weather for a week right before your trip.
  • Carry weather-appropriate clothing and shoes.
  • We suggest you carry good cameras along.
  • Being a pilgrimage region, you’ll have a wide range of veg restaurants, so food won’t be a problem there.
  • If you are planning to get some souvenir, we suggest you buy the famous handlooms and handicrafts made by the locals.

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