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sentosa cable car
Written by Krishnamoorthy V on May 15, 2020 Share on

Mount Faber Cable Car – Your ride to Paradise!

Singapore is a country that is filled with the hustle and bustle of modern-day life. It has so much to offer in terms of culture, architecture, tourist spots, and nightlife. Known as a country that engages all age groups, especially the kids, Singapore is one of the most visited travel destinations in South East Asia. Singapore has so many varieties of attractions at multiple locations of the city that provides fun experiences, One such attraction is Singapore’s only hilltop destination, Mount Faber. It is best known for the cable car lines which soar through the breathtaking skylines of Singapore offering a scenic view of the city from Above. The Mount Faber Cable car connects mainland Singapore to Sentosa Island. Have you dreamt of traveling to a country and experiencing all of its beauty at one go? Well, The Mount Faber cable car lets you have that in Singapore. Read on…

a cable car ride in sentosa
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History Of Mount Faber Cable Car

One of the sought after things to do at Mount Faber, the cable car rides have been a constant fixture on the Singapore skylines since the ’70s that provides a thrilling experience to all its guests. The history of the Mount Faber cable cars dates back to the year 1968 when the Government of Singapore decided to implement the idea of having cable car rides in the country. The first ride was inaugurated on the 15th of February 1974 and has been a major attraction in the country ever since. With the installation of the latest line, The Sentosa line, there are now two cable car lines that offer the visitors a stunning view of Singapore from atop the city. 

What you must know!

To get the complete experience of the Mount Faber Cable Car, one must combine their cable car tickets with a visit to the attractions of the Sentosa Island and then return back to their accommodation during the evening or at night, whichever time comfortable for them. As a traveler, It is always important to look for offbeat experiences in touristy places, One such experience would be to take these cable car rides at night as it offers the visitors a glittering view of Singapore. With little dots of lights over the Skylines, the ride becomes even more fun and thrilling. Are you traveling on your honeymoon or anniversary and looking to surprise your better half? There is no better way to do it than dining at these cable rides at night. 

The Dining passes that can be purchased at Mount Faber allows one to enjoy a delicious three-course meal over two complete rounds of the cable car ride. The pass gives access to the guests to board a cable car at 6 pm and goes on a journey for 2 hours. The guests have the option of choosing between vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, and then head to enjoy the gorgeous views of Singapore over a delightful dinner. 

dining at mount faber cable car
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If you are a dreamer who loves being a child at times or if you are someone looking to experience the best spots when you travel to a destination, Then Mount Faber Cable car is a must-do on your trip to Singapore. Plan your vacation with Pickyourtrail for the best deals and vacation experience. Alternatively, you can also choose from the available packages on the Pickyourtrail Website

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