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Flights Mumbai to France

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to know complete details about flights from Mumbai to France. So that you can plan for a wonderful vacation to France. You can find some awesome customisable packages to France from Pickyourtrail. Without any further ado let’s find out about the best and cheapest flights from Mumbai to France.

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Fly to France

France is one of the most visited countries in Europe. And when planning for a vacation in France then one must be fully aware of the flight fares because the flight fare alone is expensive, yeah you read it right flights are expensive and it alone will cost one-third of the whole vacation cost. Even though France has multiple international airports, the Roissy Airport de Charles de Gaulle in Paris is the only one that accepts flights from all over the world. Air France handles the majority of foreign flights into France, If you plan to visit other cities in France such as Nice, Bordeaux, Le Mans, etc. You can take a domestic flight or a train.

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Airports in France

There are around 20 international airports in France and here is the list of international airports in France

1. Paris – Charles de Gaulle Airport
2. Lesquin- Lille Airport
3. Strasbourg- Strasbourg Airport
4. Lyon- Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport
5. Nice- Nice Côte d’Azur Airport
6. Ajaccio- Ajaccio Airport
7. Bastia- Bastia – Poretta Airport
8. Figari- Figari South Corsica Airport
9. Toulon- Toulon-Hyères Airport
10. Marseille- Marseille Airport

Even though France has a lot of airports, Paris airport is one of the busiest and top airports in France. It has good connecting flights and the flight duration are shorter from India. Even the price is cheaper compared to other destinations in France.

Arrival information in Airport
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Which Airlines is best for France?

When you are planning for a trip to France then the below-mentioned flight options are the best cause they are considered as the best flights in the world.

1. Air France
2. Qatar Airways
3. Emirates
4. Lufthansa
5. Singapore Airlines
6. Oman Air
7. AirAsia.

Flight Fares

The Flight fares from India will cost you roughly around INR 45,000- 60,000 for a person round trip. For a couple, it ranges between INR 85,000- INR 1,10,000. The best and cheapest flight options available are Lufthansa and Air France. And it is recommended to start planning 4 months before departure cause the Visa process for Indians will take around 21 working days. And also the flight fares are also cheaper. If you plan at the last moment then it will become a headache to you cause the flight fare is expensive and then your visa is also a big issue. Until the last moment, you might not know whether you will get a Visa or not. So it is recommended to start planning way ahead so that you can plan a vacation at a nominal or cheaper cost.


Paris, the capital city of France is located in the centre of France. It acts as the entry point for foreign tourists into France. The city is famous for the “Eiffel Tower”, one of the Seven wonders in the world. But the country is not only famous for tourists but also studies as well. Other than Eiffel tower there are many more top tourists attractions such as Louvre Museum, Cruise ride etc. This city is a well known romantic city. A lot of newlywed couples visit Paris for their Honeymoon and they roughly spend a minimum of 7 Nights in France and visit all the nearby cities as well. The best time to visit Paris is June to October. And if you get married during any of these months then plan for your Honeymoon in Paris.


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Paris Airport

The Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is Europe’s second busiest airport. It opened in 1974 and is now the principal international entrance to France and a significant aviation hub in Europe. It is located 26 kilometres city centre. There are three terminals at the airport, with free shuttles running between them. You can take the train, bus, or taxi from CDG to the city centre of Paris. You can reach Paris airport in roughly 10-14hrs with one layover in Dubai or any nearby city. And some flights will be cheap but the fly time will be 20-25 hrs which is not at all recommended. From Paris, you can also cover Switzerland as well. Because the connectivity from Paris to other countries in Europe is really good.

Mumbai Airport

The principal international airport servicing Mumbai, Maharashtra, India is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport  After Delhi, it is the country’s second busiest airport in terms of total and international passenger traffic, and in the calendar year 2019, it was Asia’s 14th busiest airport and the world’s 41st busiest airport by passenger traffic.  In the year 2018, it had a passenger volume of approximately 49.8 million. In terms of freight traffic, it’s also the second busiest airport. The airport surpassed Gatwick Airport in London as the busiest single-runway airport in the world in March 2017. Due to a decrease in passenger counts at Mumbai, Gatwick Airport overtook this at the end of 2019. 


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So that is everything you need to know about flights from Mumbai to France. If you are planning for a vacation to France then start planning way ahead of your travel dates so that you book your vacation at a reasonable cost. So what are you guys waiting for Visit Pickyourtrail and plan your vacation!


Can we carry cash on flights?
The Government of India has announced that cash not more than 2Lakhs can be carried on flights.

Can we use the internet on the flight?
Central Government has provided permission for flights in India to give in-flight wifi.

Can we use WhatsApp in flight?
Yes, it is possible but only with wifi and not mobile data.

Can you use Bluetooth on a plane?
Yes, you are allowed to use Bluetooth on the flight.

What does airplane mode do?
It disables all wireless functions of your phone and laptop.

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