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Solve the Mystery on the Orient Express Escape Room Train

So the movie adaptation of Agatha Christie’s hit detective novel ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ is already out and has been receiving good reviews. If you have read the book or watched the movie, then it’s highly certain that you would have surely fallen for the impeccable detective skills of Hercule Poirot and would be wishing that you become one.

Luckily, there’s a way you can do that.


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Orient express
Image credit – Finnish National Railways

Finnish National Railways, a partner of the Nordisk Film (distributor of the Murder on the Orient Express movie) has decided to turn a train ride into a murder puzzle, just like in the Agatha Christie classic.

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“We are a partner of Nordisk Film, the distributor of the film [Murder on the Orient Express] in Finland and we saw a unique opportunity here to utilise the partnership by bringing the film to life,” Outi Lahtinen, Marketing Manager, Finnish National Railways.

Riding from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, the highly immersive escape room experience unfolds over a period of 13 hours along the 1,000-kilometre journey. Making it the longest running escape room in history.

Orient express
Image credit – Finnish National Railways

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Designed by the InsideOut Escape games, pioneers in the Finnish Escape room scene, there are two dedicated carriages that are designed specifically for the game. Participants can also explore the remaining 12 rooms. There will be two teams, which will be led by celebrity captains. The passengers for the game will be chosen through an online competition. Further, the experience will also be live streamed with the option for the online participants to influence the game as and when they want.

“This is a rare opportunity to build a whole new type of game. It’s taking place on an actual train, with other passengers on board, adds a lot to the dynamics of an escape room experience. To my knowledge, it is the longest-running game ever made, and we are very excited to be able to design it in the spirit of the new hit movie. It’s a dream come true, both for us and the players,” – Ágnes Kaszás, InsideOut Escape Games.

While the story of the puzzle is similar to the book and the movie, the characters will have a Finnish touch. Coincidence or not, the ride will take place on December 13th. You can grab the tickets from Finnish National Railways website.

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