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Musandam Road Trip – The Phenomenal Peninsula

How about a Musandam road trip from Dubai to explore one of the best peninsulas in the world? Musandam is a rugged mountainous peninsula, which is actually a part of Oman. Although it is a part of Oman, there is something interesting about Musandam. Musandam is situated in UAE but is still considered an Omani region. This is because Musandam is a geographical exclave. A geographical exclave is a place which is separated from the mainland and is surrounded by one or more foreign states. Such is the case with Musandam where it is surrounded by UAE states. Right from the extravaganza, to the bustling city and nightlife, to the towering skyscrapers and shopping malls, Dubai is easily one of the favourites for many people across the globe.

Musandam Mountains
Image courtesy: Pixabay

Although Dubai is predominantly known for all the above-said factors and Burj Khalifa, a Musandam road trip is what you need to add variety into your Dubai vacation. Therefore, it would be a lovely and unique experience taking up a Musandam road trip!

Musandam Road Trip

How to reach Musandam

The country of UAE, and especially Dubai, has amazing connectivity of hassle-free roadway to several parts of the country. Therefore, a Musandam road trip is nothing short of a pleasurable experience. The drive would take you roughly about 2 hours to reach Musandam. The route to Musandam is quite spectacular considering the changes of terrain you’d witness on your way. Right from dreamy highways, to the slightly rugged path that is surrounded by mountains, make it well and truly an enriching experience. If you are not looking for a road trip, you can probably go with arranged tours that will cater your needs, right from pick and drop facility, to taking you around the sightseeing spots.

Musandam road trip
Image courtesy: Pixabay

Although a Musandam road trip from Dubai is possible, you will have to keep in mind that Musandam is technically a part of Oman. Therefore, if you are taking a Musandam road trip, you will have to get Omani travel insurance. This will help you to get an Omani Visa, which you can get on arrival.

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Places to Visit in Musandam

Musandam is a peninsula which is blessed with spectacular natural beauty. There are quite a few attractions that you can’t miss out during your Musandam road trip.

Musandam Peninsula; Musandam road trip
Image courtesy: Pixabay

Khasab is a small old town, which is also the capital of the Musandam Peninsula. It is an Omani exclave and is a part of the UAE geographically. One of the predominant attractions in Khasab is the Khasab Fort. Khasab is a culturally quaint place. Hence, apart from the fort, even Khasab Castle is quite famous amongst the tourists. If you have more time to spend, or if you are planning to stay overnight in the peninsula, you can also visit the Oman Fjords and Bimmah Sink-hole. All in all, a trip to Musandam road trip is simply fascinating!

Musandam road trip
Image courtesy: Pixabay

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A Musandam road trip promises to give a completely different experience as compared to your regular Dubai vacation. Trust the travel experts of Pickyourtrail to help you with a blend of must-visit and off-beat destinations in your Dubai itinerary through the Dubai tour packages. You can explore more international tour packages and domestic options through a Whatsapp query! What are you waiting for? Get, set, and go to the amazing peninsular road trip!

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