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An entire museum dedicated to Bible is set to open in Washington this November

With over five billion copies sold & distributed worldwide, Bible – the best selling book of all time is also the most controversial. Now adding to the controversy is the fact that there is a whole museum dedicated to Bible nearing completion in Washington.

Housed inside a whopping 430,000 square feet building, Museum of the Bible will give you an immersive experience of the history of the Bible in the most technological way possible.

“Our goal is straightforward: reacquaint the world with the book that helped make it, and let the visitor come to their own conclusions. The Museum of the Bible is a global education institution that invites all people to engage in the Bible. We don’t exist to tell people what to believe about it.”

– Cary Summers, the President of Museum of the Bible

Spanning over eight floors, the museum offers free admission to the visitors, although a donation of $15 is proposed. The entrance itself is eye-catchy with a 40ft high, massive bronze Gutenberg style doors carrying the first 80 lines of Genesis welcoming you into an unforgettable journey. On entering the museum, each visitor will be handed with a digital guide which displays relevant new information as you move on from artefact to artefact.

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But, it is not just the artefact that you should examine, do look at the 200ft LED ceiling which reflects messages and ever-changing biblical scenes, including church frescoes. This is just one of the many other wonderful things inside the museum.

Basement1 – Stations of the Cross, In the Valley of David and Goliath, Bible Lands Museum, Amazing Grace: How sweet the sound
First Floor – Ticket Desk, Touch Tables & Digital Guide, Vatican Museums and Vatican Library, Christmas Illuminated, Amsterdam: A City of Books, Jewish Historical Museum, Courageous Pages, Museum Shop
First Floor Mezzanine – Milk and Honey Cafe
Second Floor – Bible in America, Bible in the World, Washington Revelations, Bible Now
Third Floor – The Hebrew Bible, The World of Jesus of Nazareth, Turning Point Theater, New Testament Theater
Fourth Floor – History of the Bible, illumiNations: Global Bible, Bible Reading Room, The Bible Research Lab, New Discoveries
Fifth Floor – World Stage Theater, Israel Antiquities Authority, The Art of the Gospels by Makoto Fujimura
Sixth Floor – World Stage Theater – Mezzanine Seating, Biblical Gardens, Manna Restaurant
Seventh Floor – Rooftop

Some of the highlights of the Museum of the Bible include – illuminated 14th-century manuscripts & Bibles used by Elvis Presley & Babe Ruth, replicated version of Vatican Library, high-tech indoor performing arts theatre with 3D mapping, rooftop garden with biblical plants, and Washington revelation ride which takes you on a virtual 4D aerial tour of the nation’s capital complete with blowing wind, splashing water, and the fragrance of the blooming cherry blossoms.

Costing a whopping $500 million, the Museum of the Bible is set to open on 17 November 2017 and is a mere two blocks from the National Mall and three blocks from the nation’s Capitol, making it one of the easily accessible attractions in the city.

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