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Cathedral Mallorca
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Best Museums you should see in Mallorca

The Island of Mallorca is culturally and historically rich and vibrant. This is the largest of the Balearic Islands and one of the most serene islands in all of Spain. It boasts a large collection of artefacts and buildings from various important times in history. Mallorca is blessed with exotic beaches and varied landscapes, but a trip to this island is incomplete without exploring its museums. These museums showcase the history and cultural diversity of the island. From the Moorish and Christian architecture to some of the best works of Gaudi and Dali, Mallorca has it all. One can journey through the island’s history and get closer to the culture and lifestyle of the people through its museums. Here are some of the best museums in Mallorca which you can’t miss on your next trip.

Es Baluard Contemporary Art Museum

This 16th-century military fortress is converted into a museum. Es Baluard hosts an excellent collection of paintings, installations, and sculptures. This museum has been instrumental in showcasing the original works of famous local and international artists. El Baluard is unique for its brilliant exhibit of old and new collections. Because of the 700 plus works from the 19th century till now, this is an important cultural education centre in Mallorca.

Es Baluard Musuem Mallorca
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Pilar and Joan Miro Foundation

The Pilar and Joan Miro Foundation is home to the works of Joan Miro. This is located West of Palma, and houses more than 6000 original works of Miro. You can see Miro’s studio and feel how this great artist used to create magic in the canvas. The foundation consists of three exhibition spaces, a library and a sculpture garden. In addition to this, Miro had bought a rural home nearby which is called Finca Son Boter. This home has his original works which too is under the foundation. The entrance fees are approximately EUR 10.

Bellver Castle Museum

This 14th Century Castle is a Catalan-Gothic Masterpiece. The building itself is an architectural marvel and is located on a hilltop is West of Palma. The summit of the castle has a breathtaking view of the bay and Tramuntana mountain range. The castle was used as a prison for more than six centuries under different rulers of Spain, therefore makes it an important part of the island’s history. This castle museum is now home to antiques from Roman, Arabic and Spanish periods. This is an ideal spot to learn the journey of Palma throughout centuries.

Bellver Castle Mallorca
Image Source: Pixabay

Museum de Robert Graves in Deia

This was the home that famous English novelist Robert Graves and his wife lived. This museum is a homage to a great writer and the impact he had in this small village. Additionally, the house is properly maintained and kept exactly the same as the time when Graves actually lived here. The museum is located near the beautiful coastal village of Soller, and a must-see attraction here.

CCA Andratx Art Center

This is one of the largest contemporary art collections in all of Europe. The minimal design and unique structure attract a lot of international art lovers. The CCA is home to paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations by local and foreign artists. Also, the architecture of the museum complements the art it represents. Guided tours are available and there is an entrance fee of EUR 8.

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Museu Diocese de Mallorca

This is small museum houses the journey of Christianity in the Mallorca island. The museum has over 200 religious artworks which show the evolution of Christianity from the 15th century. It is also located within walking distance from the Palma cathedral, the museum houses works of the famous philosopher Ramon Llull. Check out the exhibit on the restoration of the cathedral by Anton Gaudi. It is better to do a guided tour to appreciate the historical importance of this Museum.

Rafael Nadal Museum

One of the greatest ever tennis players, Rafael Nadal is a national treasure of Spain. Nadal was born and raised in Mallorca and this museum honours his great achievements. Likewise, you can see the medals and trophies won by Nadal in his illustrious career. This inspires youngsters to pursue a career in sports and reach the heights achieved by Nadal. Fans of Nadal and sports lovers must definitely visit this museum. Also compared to other museums in Mallorca, this one is pretty different.

Museu Militar de Historia de les Balears

This museum is a tribute to the history of the Spanish and Balearic military. The exhibits here portray the progression of the military. Moreover, you can find uniforms, weapons and other objects used by soldiers from different times. The museum is a reminder of the struggles and fights endured by the military in the past.

Museum of Mallorca

This must be one of the best museums to learn the history of Mallorca from the very beginning. As the museum is part of a 17th-century palace, it has an authentic feel to it. Therefore it has a special charm to it. For history lovers, a visit to the museum is essential, as you will be seeing artefacts and works from way before the Roman, Christian and Moorish times. And because of the uniqueness and historical importance, these antiques are extremely valuable.

Mallorca Museum
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Indulge yourself in the amazing history of Mallorca by visiting its best museums. Get to know the culture and traditions of the Balearic Islands from the capital and its celebrated past. Plan your vacation to Spain and explore the incredible Balearic Islands. Also, head over to the Pickyourtrail website and check out Packages to Spain. Create and customize your itineraries. Also, download the Pickyourtrail app to get your travel queries answered on the go. We are now available on Whatsapp as well, our expert travel consultants are at your service.

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