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People enjoying a concert
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Music Festivals In Barcelona – Hit The Right Notes In The Catalan Capital

Barcelona is a vibrant place and the city has some biggest music festivals and concerts happening at different times of the year. You can enjoy everything from traditional Catalan tunes to the modern EDM beats in those concerts. In addition to the art, culture, museums, and churches the city has to offer, the throbbing music and festival scene is one of the major aspects that make Barcelona so special. There are many numbers of music festivals and concerts happening all year round. Here is the list of the music festivals that are top-rated and you can have an unforgettable experience of your life in any one of these amazing events.

1. Sonar Music Festival

The Sonar Festival is the International music festival in Barcelona that happens during the month of July. It is an electronic and alternative music festival that spans over 3 days. The venues used for the festival are Fira de la Gran Via and Fira de Montjuic. It is one of the most celebrated and respected music festivals of its kind and it attracts not only the tourist but also various music industry professionals from various corners of the world. There is also a workshop with a range of various art installations, workshops, debates, talks and seminars.

The crowd enjoying the sonar music festivals held in 2016 in Barlcelona
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2. Primavera Sound Festival

The Primavera sound has been happening in the city of Barcelona for a period of 19 years. It has risen to be one of the best known and the most loved music festival in the world. It attracts thousands of music lovers every year to witness the musical stalwarts and superstars of electronic music. 

An aerial view of the Primavera music festival in Barcelona
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Every Spring season when the month of May ends and paves way for July, All the hearts of electronic music lovers would want to migrate to this spectacular event. In addition to the famous people in the business, the event also showcases the most exceptional alternative and underground talent from across the globe. The concert takes place at the Parc del Forum where several legends like Napalm Death, Wilco, Los Chicos, Pet Shop Boys have performed at the main stages during this festival.

3. Guitar BCN Music Festival

Guitar BCN, as the name suggests, is a 28-year-old recurring annual event where world-famous guitar professionals perform. Despite being a music event based on a single instrument, the wide range of sounds, styles and performers that the event offers is extensive.

The Strabglers performing in the Guitar BCN in Barcelona
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The Guitar BCN happens every year during the month of September. This festival brings together the Catalan, Spanish, European and international performers making it more than just a regular music event. Various genres of music from the Flamenco to pop, classic Cuban to contemporary Catalan, acoustic and electric are played in the festival happening in different locations of Barcelona like Flamenco to pop, classic Cuban to contemporary Catalan, acoustic and electric, etc. 

4. Festival Grec

The Festival Grec de Barcelona is one of the major summer attractions in the city of Barcelona. There are a lot of programs in the event which include theatre, dance, music and circus. The festival occurs during the month of July. The motto of the festival is to stage the most outstanding works by Catalan artists and to offer all the most exciting shows from Spain and the rest of the world each year. They also support the  Catalan artists and companies by producing their shows for performance at the festival.

Image of Grec Theater in Barcelona home to some amazing music festivals in barcelona
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Apart from the above-mentioned festivals, there are also numerous awe gasping music festivals happening in the city of Barcelona. The other popular ones are DGTL Barcelona, Barcelona Beach Festival and Brunch in the Park. A Music Festival in Barcelona is one of the best experience you will have. It provides a world-class experience in one of the most picturesque places in the world. If you want to have one such fascinating experience, check out the various packages to Barcelona in Picyourtrail.

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