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Lanterns in Hoi An
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These are the places that you should cover on your first visit to Hoi An

Hoi An is a city located on the central coast of Vietnam. The city is known for its well-preserved Ancient Town. The city’s history is reflected in its architecture and styles and you can find the impact of influence from Chinese shops to French colonial buildings and the iconic attraction of the Japanese Covered Bridge with its pagoda.

Waterfront of Hoi An on the Thu Bon River
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

1. Quan Kong Temple

Built-in 1653, the Quan Cong Temple is one of the beautiful and magnificent Chinese architecture. The temple is named after a Chinese rebellion from the Han Dynasty, a victorious hero known for his loyalty, devotion, and sincerity towards his motherland. At the entrance of the temple, you will find two dragons entwined in clouds to welcome you. The statue of Quan Cong is perched on top of a center pedestal inside the main hall. The statue is made from Paper Mache

2. Hoi An Ancient Town

If you are visiting Vietnam then this is a must-visit place witnessing the culture. Hoi An Ancient Town is placed on the sides of a river and walking would be the best option. Both sides of the streets are filled with beautiful ancient buildings. If you are looking to buy things that are significant to the Vietnamese culture then this is the place for you. 

3. Hoi An Night Market

For all the shopaholics, Hoi An Night Market is a must stop. If you want to pick up some souvenirs that are to the Vietnamese culture then you are at the right place. The shops are all numbered for your convenience. There are thousands of different varieties of products available in the markets. 

4. Aobaba Cloth Shop

Hoi An is a shopper’s paradise, the streets thronged with tailoring shops showcasing a lively and colorful side of Vietnamese culture. Aobaba is a generation wise old family business that focuses mainly on tailoring clothes. The 400 odd tailors can copy and replicate any kind of garment within an affordable price. And also, be rest assured of the quality of the fabric.

Hoi An, Vietnam
Image Credits: Pixabay

5. Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An

Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An is one of just five Vietnamese UNESCO World Heritage Sites offering a seaside escape from the ancient streets of Hoi An. This 3 km stretch of fine white sands is located northeast of Hoi An making Cua Dai Beach the perfect place. The water is very clear, suitable for swimming and floating around. 

6. The Old House of Phun Hung

The old house of Phung Hung is a historic book and facts of the town’s cultural significance. The tour will take you through the town’s ancient business, trade, and local flavors and values. It is one of the architectural buildings of Hoi An and has recently been noted as a World Heritage Site. The house is built with 80 columns and is two-storied. 


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7. Yaly Couture-Tran Phu branch

Yaly Couture-Tran Phu branch, shop your traditional apparel, you can actually get it tailor-made for you. The shop also offers the option of choosing your own fabric and getting a dress or shirts made from it at very short notice. The different fabrics are beautiful and have the famous Vietnamese designs.

Hoi An, Vietnam
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

8. Cam An Beach, Hoi An

Cam An Beach is one of the unspoiled beaches, offering clean blue sea, restaurants, and bohemian beach bars. It flaunts not only the most fabulous island and mountain views and some of the best seafood in Hoi An. This beach now reigns as Hoi An’s main beach. This little paradise is popular all year round.

9. Alibaba Tailor

Alibaba Tailor is one of the greatest shoppers stops in Hoi An, there are more than 600 tailors in Hoi An, with more than 100 varieties of fabrics and innumerable tailoring techniques. Alibaba hosts a group of tailors who design and stitch made to order clothes at the most affordable price. Silk is their major trade. Tourists can also take a guided tour of the premises and observe the techniques and craftsmanship of the tailors.

10. Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai beach is quite a popular beach in the city of Hoi An. Most people choose to ride bikes on the beach as the environment is so nice that it feels soothing to traverse through the sand at speed. The beach is quite clean and has white sand so it looks gorgeous. Hoi An is known as one of the most delightful towns in the country of Vietnam and the location of the beach couldn’t be any better, in the Cam An ward region of Hoi An.


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11. Kim Bong Carpentry Village

You can witness Vietnam’s ancient side, one such being the Kim Bong Carpentry Village, the carpentry village owned by the Cam Kim Commune, through its nurtured handiwork. Carpentry was a major occupation of the town, the Kim Bong Carpentry developed its niches in three categories namely – Civil wooden furniture, shipbuilding, and Ancient architectural construction. The carpenters still follow age-old techniques, they mostly use their hands to give a new meaning to clay designs and architecture. 

Hoi An, Vietnam
Image Credits: Pixabay

12. Japanese Covered Bridge

If you are planning on experiencing the different historical places in the city then this Japanese covered bridge is one of the must-go places in Vietnam. The best thing about this place is that the bridge is in between the two different markets on both sides of a river. The cherry on the cake about the bridge is the architecture. The bridge is in the heart of the city, so it’s easily accessible. You will have to purchase a ticket to enter the bridge. This is definitely one of the best places to visit in Hoi An.

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