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Turbans of Rajasthan
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Must Visit Places in Chittorgarh – Land of Architecture Wonders

If you Want to know about Pre-colonial Indian History, the epic Battles, the cultures and the traditions of various dynasties, the stories and the Myths? Then, Chittorgarh of Rajasthan should be your next destination.
The Chittorgarh, the mecca of ancient Indian architecture has it all. From the Palaces to the Forts, from temples to Mosques, from waterfalls to wildlife sanctuaries, Chittorgarh is blessed with tourist attractions. Let us walk you through some the must-visit places in Chittorgarh on your next vacation.

Chittorgarh Fort

The Chittorgarh Fort, the majestic establishment is spread across 700 acres of land and was recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013. The Fort gets its name from Chitrangada Mori, one of the key personalities responsible for the construction of the structure. The Fort is a network by itself encompassing temples, towers, Palaces and Many water Bodies. Also, The Main attractions are the two memorial towers, namely Kirti stambh and Vijay Stambh. The Fort has a nominal entrance fee of 10 INR for adults and 5 INR for children. The enticing History and culture of the Fort is what makes it one of the Must-visit places in Chittorgarh. 

must-visit-places-in-chittorgarh - Chittorgarh fort
Credits: Google Images

Rana Khumba Palace

Precincts of Chittorgarh Fort housed this beautiful Palace. The Palace is famous for its architectural brilliance and grandeur. Besides, There are a lot of fascinating tales about Rana Khumba Palace, and most intriguing one, The Palace haunted by the Spirits of Rani Padmini and Rana Khumba. After the Gallant defeat of King Rana Khumba, Rani Padmini declared Self-Immolation in the Palace. Hence, this incident the roots behind the current tales about the Palace. Palace is next to the entrance gate close by to the Vijay Stambh and is 5 km from the centre of the Fort. Regular rickshaws are available and at a nominal price. All the tales and numerous attractions make this Palace one of the must-visit places in Chittorgarh. 

Rana Khumba Palace - Must Visit places in Chittorgarh
Credits: Google Images

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Padmini Palace

Rani Padmini is quite a popular figure across India, thanks to movie Padmavat which depicts the epic tale of the Queen. Palace is built in the southern end of the Fort and located in the middle of the water. This is Place where sultan of Delhi got the first glimpse of the Queen Padmini as a mirror image. Rani Padmini is widely recognised for her impeccable beauty as well as war skills. Also, History and locals consider her as a symbol of bravery and valour. The Palace is open on all days and you can visit anytime between 6 a.m to 6 p.m.

Padmini Palace - Must Visit places in Chiitorgrah
Credits: Google Images

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Meera Temple

Meera Bai is the greatest devotee of Lord Krishna. Chittorgarh is also the birthplace of Meera Bai. Though born in a royal family, Rajput princess left behind her princely lifestyle and dedicated her life in worshipping lord Krishna.

The temple is dedicated to Meera Bai and has an Indo-Arian architecture theme. It is one of the beautiful temples in Rajasthan and also a splendid work of art. Temple organises cultural festivals multiple times during the year and devotees of Lord Krishna assemble to offer their prayers.

Chittorgarh Railway station is the nearest station to the temple. You will easily get a cab or public transport from the station that will drop you to the temple road. The temple is open throughout the week and visitors are free to visit the temple any time during the day.

Vijay Stambh

King Rana Khumba build this enormous tower in 1449 AD. There are 9 outward facing balconies in the Tower, each has its own tale and history behind it. The Stambh is a symbol of the victory of Rana Khumba over Mahmud Khilji. You will plenty of Hindu gods and goddess inscribed on the walls of the tower. 10 feet tower is one of the must-visit places in Chittorgarh owing to its significance in the history of Rajputs. though The tower is open on all days, the visiting time of the tower is between 8 a.m t0 6 p.m.

Vijay Stambh - Must Visit Places in chittorgarh
Credits: Google Images

Kirti Stambh

Biherwal Mahajan Sanaya built the seven-storied tower in the 18th Century. The Tower is built-in precincts of Chirttor fort and gives a glimpse of Solanki architecture. In addition, the tower houses a narrow staircase leading to the top floor. Make your way to the top floor, an observatory floor and get the best panoramic view of Chittorgarh city.

The Kirti stambh is open for visitors throughout the week. You can visit the stambh from the morning at 10 a.m till evening at 5 p.m. Also, do keep in mind there is no entrance fee for this tower.

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Shyama Temple

The Shyama temple is also located in the premises of Chittorgarh fort. The Temple houses the Idol of one of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu – The Varaha Swamy. The Maharana Khumba revamped the temple in the 15th century but original structure roots back to 8th century. The Architecture of the temple is based on Indo-Arian style and has sculptures of Indian gods and goddess on the inner wall.

The Temple doesn’t charge any entrance fees for the visitors and the temple is opening from morning 4 till evening 5.

Kali Mata Temple

One of the oldest temples in Chittorgarh. The Temple was build to worship Sun Lord in the 8th Century and eventually became a shrine of Mata Kalika, an incarnation of Goddess Durga. The inner walls of the temples are embellished with inscriptions of gods and goddess. There is no entrance fee for the temple and is usually open from 9.30 a.m till 6.30 p.m throughout the week.

Chittorgarh has Many such attractions apart from the ones listed above. Chittorgarh is also home to a couple of famous bird sanctuaries namely the Sita Mata wildlife sanctuary and Bassi wildlife sanctuary. These are also must-visit places in Chittorgarh as they add contrast to your itineraries. The best time to visit Chittorgarh is during the Autumns from Oct – Feb. As the summers can be scalding and will be difficult to get accustomed to such temperatures.

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