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Must-visit places in Manipur while visiting the Northeast

Tucked far way in the Northeast of India is the state of Manipur. Filled with valleys, mountains, and serene landscapes, the place is a tropical paradise for all kinds of people. Manipur is first the state one will step in if they are planning to explore all of Northeast. We can assure you that the state will make you fall in love with it instantly. For all those travel enthusiasts, be sure to visit the state of Manipur at least once and enjoy your holiday. Here are the must-visit places in Manipur which you must not miss.

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Places to visit in Manipur

1. Senapati

The state of Manipur located in the far northeast of India has several places to visit. One such spot is the city of Senapati. The city is a living paradise for nature lovers. Over 70% of Senapati is covered with dense forest which is indeed the best reason to visit this place. Do not miss to visit the most scenic city in Manipur.

Things to do in Senapati

  • Go for a swim in the city’s famous waterfalls – Sadu Chiru
  • Trek to the Dzukou Valley. Located between Nagaland and Manipur, this spot lets you be in two different places at the same time.

2. Imphal

No trip is complete without visiting the city’s capital. Imphal is located in the heart of Manipur. The city is situated amidst hilltops and foothills. The city of Imphal is the crown jewel of the state of Manipur, decorated with waterfalls and stunning lakes.

Things to do in Imphal

  • Learn about Manipur’s history, culture, heritage and tradition at the Manipur State Museum. The State Museum is fully operated & monitored by the state government.
  • Know about the Manipur’s Royals at the Palace of Kangle.
  • Play a round of golf or polo at the state’s first polo ground.

3. Ukhrul

Known for scenic beauty and vast land is the city of Ukhrul. If you are looking for a place that will bring peace to you and your mind, head out here. Loved by a number of tourists, this is a must-visit the city if you have lots for the time remaining in your vacation. With many parks and picnic spots, the place is just simply perfect for all family bonding sessions. Surrounded by a number of peaks and valleys, spend a day or half trekking or hiking the mighty areas. Enjoy the beautiful sunset with your loved ones.

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Lilly at Ukhrul's Lake
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Things to do in Ukhrul

  • Wander around the Nillai Tea Estate and sip a cup of tea to warm up your evening.
  • Go boating in the lake of Kachou Phung.
  • Trek one of the tallest peaks in Ukhrul – the Shirui Peak and find the rare and the most exotic Lilly ever.
  • Wanting to be more adventurous, head out to the Khangkhui Cave and unravel the forgotten mysteries.

4. Tamenglong

Fondly called as the land of Hornbill is the city of Tamenglong. One of the most serene places on earth, the city is filled with different types of birds. Home to bird lovers, the land of Tamenglong is not explored by many. Enjoy a day or two here by visiting the lakes and waterfalls located in the city.

Image Source: Unsplash

Things to do in Tamenglong

  • Go on a wildlife safari ride and explore the wilderness of Manipur at the Zeilad Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Enjoy a warm evening at the Buning Meadow and have a picnic here with your loved ones.
  • Get adventurous by visiting the Tharon Cave and unwrap the long-forgotten land’s history.
  • Spend an evening boating in the Zeilad Lake

5. Kakching

Your vacation needs a bit of fun, relaxation and celebration. Head to Kakching, the festival spot in the state of Manipur. With the ease of travels, accessing the city has become easy for all kinds of travels. The city hosts the famous Haraoba Festival that celebrates the local’s legends and their gods.

Things to do in Kakching

  • Know all about the people of Manipur and the small tribes at the People’s Museum in Kakching.
  • Take part in the Haraoba festival, one of the most famous festivals in the land of Manipur.
  • Take a walk in the Kakching Garden amidst the beautiful plants or head to the Adam Eco Park, the state’s first every eco-friendly park.

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