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National Theatre in Vienna

Vienna, The capital city of Austria has a plethora of architectural wonders boasting the city’s name around the globe. One such architectural wonder is the Vienna national theatre. Formerly known as Burg theatre, the theatre holds a special place in the hearts of Germans and Austrians as this is one of the oldest known German-language theatres.

Chronicles of National Theatre

The Vienna national theatre holds a rich history behind it. The construction of this institution dates back to the 1740s when empress Maria wanted the unused building to be remodelled into a theatre. The theatre struggled to commercialize and attract crowds albeit having the backing influential figures like Empress Maria.
The fortune of the Vienna national theatre, however, had a paradigm shift in the 1770s when the emperor Joseph II made the institution an integral part of the administration. The building was used as an official court and as well as a National Theatre.
The construction of the current premises roots back to 1871. After multiple renovations sometimes owing to adjusting the seating pattern to suit modern theatre dynamics and sometimes due to the damages during world war 1 and world war 2. The theatre finally opened with its absolute finery in 1955 and remains as one of the best modern-day theatres with neo-classical touch.

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Best way to explore the theatre:

You might consider opting for a guided tour if you are a history lover. The guided tours are usually an hour and a half long, guides will brief you the entire history related to the theatre from its first Beethoven symphony till the renovation of the theatre after the 2nd world war. The tours generally happen in german, English guided tours are available on certain specific days.

National Theatre in Vienna
Credits: Google Images

What to do in Vienna national theatre:

People visit Vienna national theatre to enjoy the plays and also the art collections the theatre exhibits. Vienna national theatre is famous for Shakespeare plays and plays generally happen in German but rest assured the excitement and thrill is never dented by the language barrier and is well compensated by the impressive performance of the stage actors.

Inside National Theatre in Vienna
Credits: Google Images

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How to find your way to Burg theatre:

Located opposite to Townhall on ring boulevard, the Vienna National Theatre is easily accessible by various modes of transportation. 

By Air: The closed airport to the Vienna national theatre is the Vienna international airport at a distance of 22kms. You can easily find taxis or public transport to the city center outside the airport. The closest train station to National theatre is 

By Train: People traveling from other European destinations, can get down at the central train station Wien Hauptbahnhof, and take public transport or taxi to Vienna national theatre.

Tram Stop: if you are willing to travel around in trams, Rathausplatz/Burgtheater, Wien Rathausplatz/Burgtheater is the closed tram stops is the Vienna national theatre which mere 2-3 mins by walk from tram stops.

Bus Station: Hop on to Buses 1A, 2A and get down at the nearest bus stations to Theater Wien Teinfaltstraße and Michaelerplatz. The Vienna national theatre is roughly 200mts away from the above bus stations.

Vienna is a Home of many such architectural marvels. If you find the above guide useful, reach out to Pickyourtrail and check-out the best of Austria vacation packages.

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