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The World’s Top Natural Phenomena: Must-Explore

Nature has its own wonderfully weird way of surpassing every human marvel ever made. But seems so, we are not even in the league. Have a look at these 43 most surreal phenomena which you should see at least once in your lifetime. Check out our international tour packages. No black magic, no humbug, not even Christopher Nolan! Bits of nature’s creativity and loads of science is all it takes. Here is our list of the top natural phenomena in the world.

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Top 43 Natural Phenomena in the world

#43 Aurora Borealis, Iceland

As electrically charged particles from the sun react with atoms in the upper atmosphere, this heaven manifests itself on earth.

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#42 Bioluminescent shore, Maldives

Fairy lights in water! Occurs when the shimmers of the full moon aggravates the tidal currents to wash the chemical energy off of phytoplankton buried in the Maldives shore.

#41 Catatumbo lightning, Venezuela

At a few kilometres above the point where the Catatumbo river amalgamates itself with the Maracaibo lake, currents of cold and warm air storm together to electrify the hell out of this place!

#40 Frozen ice bubbles:

Inflammable methane gas bubbles trapped in astonishing snow patterns in Canada

#39 Sakurajima Dirty thunderstorms, Japan

No doubt how the proverb ‘beauty is lethal’ came about. Sakurajima is at her most gorgeous when she gets violent enough to rain fires of ash.

#38 Turquoise Ice Crystals, Russia

As the temperature in the loaded snow crusts dwindles and at various points, they glow in the prettiest shade of turquoise. Now this is what you call crystal-clear!


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#37 Great Blue Hole:

A paradise for wild scuba divers is this nearly-perfect sphere of deep blue chasm, which was formed in the last ice age when the sea level was much low. As the level rose, naturally the hole developed into a much deeper abyss in Belize

#36 Moonbow, Hawaii

Also called as Lunar rainbows, it differs from usual rainbow only in the fact that this glistening arc is created by the shimmers of moon rays rather than the sun.

#35 Sort Sol, Denmark

‘The black sun’ is a picturesque phenomenon that occurs when flocks of Starling birds, over a million, make an ostentatious sky march towards the north in every autumn.

#34 Sailing stones, USA

The solo wanderer. But chill, this is no voodoo cult. The answer is in your 8th grade science books. Rocks encased in ice move when partially immersed in water underneath, due to buoyant force.

#33 Darvaza gas crater, Turkmenistan

You can call it the doorway to hell for the love of mysteries. But truth is, this is no more than a failed attempt of the scientists to stop an inoperative oilfield from emitting methane gas. Guess what? It’s been burning nonstop for over 48 years now!


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#32 Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand

Beauty of New Zealand comes in different shapes and sizes!

#31 Sky mirror, Bolivia

For the real feeling of walking over water. Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat water is surrealistically clear.

#30 Lake Hillier, Australia

The high salinity of the water combined with the energy emitted by the microalgae ‘Dunaliella Salina’ results in this vibrant natural phenomenon in Australia.

#29 Giant’s causeway, Ireland

Why would anyone want to drill into rocks, shape into vertical boulders, carve the top into hexagons? See it to believe it. It’s totally nature at work!


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#28 Snow Chimneys, Antarctica

A song of ice and fire. Literally! The protruding snow pillar is a result of the hot inside fighting the cold outside.

#27 Lenticular clouds, Japan

When the wandering clouds stop to add more jewels in the crown of Mount Fuji, Japan.

#26 River of Five Colours, Colombia

Its real 24*7*365, not an illusion created by the colours of the rocks beneath or the trees above. Legit nature’s own water colour.

#25 Tidal bores, Brazil

The surfer’s heaven. Occurs when river’s flow fight against the next incoming tide. The experience can be so adventurous it can humble even the best of the surfers.


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#24 Forest of knives, Madagascar

natural phenomena

This enormous limestone formation looks like a perfect landscape for the next movie in the Gladiator series!

#23 Flowering desert, South America

When desert blooms, you get the existing proof that there’s life after everything. Above and beyond.

#21 Circumhorizontal arc, America

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Sun or moon rays when refracted from atmospheric ice crystals, form ice halos that resemble a fire rainbow.

#20 The underwater river, Mexico

Scuba divers! Be all ears. This spectacular underwater river, Cenote Angelita flowing under the Yucatan Peninsula is assured to make you feel weak in the knees!

#19 Mammatus cloud

Usually to be seen after the tornado passes and harm is over, this make-believe formation of clouds is a marvellous sight to behold!

#18 Marble caves, Chile

No one would mind saving up for an eternity to get closer to this place. Keep in mind, nature has been working on it for 6000 years by driving the waves to wash the calcium carbonate off of the walls.


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#17 Nacreous clouds, Canada

When the cloud in itself a silver lining.

#16 Sky punch, Canada

Is it announcing that Thor is coming to the earth? I’d like to believe so, but in reality, this silver ellipse is formed when the water temperature in clouds hasn’t frozen yet due to ice nucleation.

#15 Blue volcano, Indonesia

Kawah Ijen volcano for the love of blue and everything in blue:) High quantities of Sulfuric gas in extreme pressures dazzle in blue as soon as it comes in contact with the air outside.


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#15 Green flash sunset, Hawaii

You blink you miss this ephemeral wonder caused by refraction of sunlight in the atmosphere.

#14 Striped icebergs, Antarctica

I never thought I can fall in love with icebergs again after what happened to Jack Dawson in Titanic! (So what if it’s 2023 😛 )

#13 Frost flowers

This visual poetry makes me believe that sometimes the best things in the world are not explained and cannot be!

#12 Lake Natron, Tanzania

Official home to thousands of lesser flamingos despite its extremely high alkalinity, is this mysterious lake along the northern Tanzania. Adding to it, temperatures here reach as high as up to 40 degree celsius and pH level up to 12.

#11 Spotted lake, Canada

Aliens? I thought of it too. But turns out, the colourful lakes spread over in this landform is just due to high concentration of minerals in the water. Needless to say, it’s perceived to be the most magical place in Canada.

#10 Light Pillars, Canada

Earth plays razor shoot up with the sky when ice crystals are suspended into air from the ground in extreme cold conditions. The ice crystals have no preferences and react with every light source that’s there to produce this most enthralling natural phenomenon.

#9 Rainbow eucalyptus, Indonesia

Nature is a notorious prankster! Having been on the nerves of researchers for long, this tree can only be adored from a distance. There is still no clear proof how this tree exists as a living piece of art.


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#8 Ice penitentes, South America

Got the name by its appearance as beautiful little priests bent forward in prayer, these snow pointers are formed when water vapours move in direction of the sun, and freezing thus.

#7 Morning glory cloud, Australia

Look who’s wishing you bon voyage!

#6 Eye of the Sahara, Africa

The watcher from the beneath! A century-long artwork devised by eruptions and erosions.

#5 Ice caves, Iceland

The most spectacular piece of work, for the chilling experience of living under an ice roof with sparkling ice walls around you.


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#4 Waterspout, Florida

Looks like sky is transferring its superpowers to water. If you happen to spot this, it’s best if you go tuck yourself in your room and watch it from a distance. Tornadoes on the way!

#3 Pando aspen grove, Utah

An astonishing grove of not thousands of trees as you would think. Not even hundred. It’s one! The largest living organism on earth.

#2 Socotra dragon tree, Yemen

Legend has it that the Socotra tree bleeds dragon blood when cut.

#1 Danxia landform, China

The official colour palette of the earth.

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