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All you need to know about the Mount Agung eruption in Bali!

Mount Agung has erupted and we are sure your mobile and laptop screens have been erupting with this news since yesterday. Got a vacation planned to Bali? Don’t know if you should plan one yet? Fret no more, we have answers to all the questions you will ever have.

Here’s a low down on all you need to know about Mount Agung eruption and travelling to Bali:


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What has happened

Mount Agung spewing smoke
Image credit – yahoo

Mt. Agung in Bali has erupted and this has led to volcanic ashes being sent up in the air. This ash moves on the basis of wind direction and hence can block flight visibility. This is the reason the airport is temporarily shut as a precautionary measure and nothing else. Normal life is as is in most parts of Bali.

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The affected region 

Bali’s National Disaster Management Agency has evacuated only those residents under a 15 km radius around Mt. Agung who are in danger. This mountain (like all other volcanic mountains) is situated in the midst of a forest with close to a 50km radius of tree cover. Only small villages and settlements are in the danger zone. Tourist hubs like Kuta, Ubud, Seminyak, Nusa Dua are more than 50 km away from the mountain and are not affected as of now.


Flights to Bali
Image credit – commons.wikimedia

What flights have been cancelled?

The entire airport is shut and all flights to all destinations have been cancelled. In fact, no flights are landing as well.

If you are travelling on 29th or 30th November –

Airlines are offering free of charge rescheduling of these flights within the next 6 months. We strongly suggest you Reschedule the vacation. Note, airlines are not offering any refund for the same.

If you are travelling after 30th – 

Given that the volcanic activity is difficult to predict, airline companies continuously monitor the safety announcements before giving free of cost rescheduling. However, it is our view that waiting for a few days might be the best way forward given the following reasons:

  • Under the circumstance that the situation becomes worse, the airline would allow you to reschedule your flight to a later date for a given period of time (usually 6 months), and that wouldn’t be possible if you choose to cancel your trip today
  • It is quite possible that the situation might turn for the good, and you can continue with your vacation as planned.

If you want to cancel your flights –

Depending on airline cancellation policy, you will be refunded your due. The airlines are not giving any refund as of today. (This might change from time to time so pls do check with your airline). Note, standard cancellation policies apply for all other inclusions like hotels, transfers, activities as well.

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With Bali vacation in ruins, what next?

confused travellers
Image credit – unsplash

There are many other destinations in South-East Asia that are equally beautiful and exciting to travel to. Vietnam is unexplored has great beaches, world war history, overnight cruises and amazing nightlife. There are also other options like Thailand, Maldives, Dubai, and Hong Kong as well.

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If you have little more time and can loosen your purse strings a bit, we would surely recommend either Vietnam or Philippines. A week is bare minimum and a great vacation here starts at around ₹75,000 per person.

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