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These New Zealand’s Restaurants are a definite must-visit in your next trip

The focus on organic and sustainable produce, world-class wines, loads of farmers ‘ markets and food festivals render New Zealand a dream food destination. Kiwi gastronomy is on par with the rest of the planet. Delicious, high-end restaurants and cafes in big cities and small towns can be located here. Chefs and self-trained cooks open their restaurants fuelled by love and passion for food, a profound connection to the terroir and relationships built on sustainability and respect. New Zealand is filled with culinary wonders, from north to south. With so many delicious dishes ready to be served, the restaurant scene of the world continues to succeed locally and globally.

Restaraunt in Lake Tekapo
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New Zealand ‘s natural scenery and environment offer a clear benefit to local produce. Inspired by the natural abundance, talented local chefs are creating creative cuisine that places New Zealand on the global food map.

Top Restaurants to visit in New Zealand

Pasture in Auckland 

Pasture is an intimate restaurant for just 20 diners, with seats. The restaurant serves a fixed menu which includes freshly baked bread and excellent cocktails and homemade beverages. One of the restaurant’s most surprising features is the meats are roasted over the fire without ovens. The restaurant offers one course of meat only. And they use the entire thing.

SIDART in Auckland

Sid Sahrawat owns this fine dining restaurant, which is highly recognized as one of the most successful and creative chefs in New Zealand. In a contemporary Indian format, the new menu showcases the best of New Zealand produce. The experience promises to be far higher and a specific implementation of the cuisine that their famous sister restaurant, Cassia, has to bring.

Mangonui Fish Shop

Fish and chips are one of those specialities which you can not skip in New Zealand. Indeed they are New Zealand’s most common takeaway cuisine. Mangonui Fish Shop is one of the most famous and favourite of a resident. The fish were harvested by local fishermen directly in Mangonui Wharf, and the shop is just 100 meters from the Mangonui Wharf.

New zealand food
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Giapo in Auckland

Giapo is taking on more than just a “vanilla” experience, a fully sensorial experience. Giapo is known to produce Auckland ‘s finest ice cream, and probably worldwide.

The Refinery in Paeroa

That also separates The Refinery Cafe is the coffee and the food produced with Love. The café is a real treat, serving new, basic, breakfast and lunch dishes along with Mt Atkinson coffee.

Pacifica Restaurant in Napier

Pacifica Restaurant is situated in a weathered blue bungalow, right in the heart of Napier on Marine Parade. Chef Jeremy Rameka offers freshness, enthusiasm and taste to Michelin premium food in a comfortable environment of a pacific type. Depending about what supplies are accessible and the mood of the chef the menu varies regularly. The idea is for guests to try new tastes and textures, and different combinations of flavours.

New Zealand
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Pescatore in Christchurch

Pescatore offers a luxurious and modern dining experience, which is Italian for fisherman. It is regularly classed as one of the strongest contemporary dining experiences in New Zealand. Much of the vegetables are harvested directly from a neighbouring organic farm, selected and shipped daily using only the finest and freshest products available locally. All the fish are caught line-and served the same day. At Pescatore, one can choose from a 7-course, 5-course, plant-based tasting menu or a la carte menu from the new Pescatore. 

Roots Restaurant in Lyttleton

It is no surprise that Roots Restaurants is one of the much talked about food destination in New Zealand. The chef, Giulio Sturla, who comes from Chile, created a unique restaurant experience that was recognized in the Restaurant of the Year awards by Cuisine Magazine. The concept is singular. No menu has been set. The seasonal tastings are made of high-quality ingredients from local and biodynamic farms, small producers and extensive garden owned by the restaurants. Foraging is part and parcel of the restaurant.

Fleur’s Place in Moeraki 

Fleur ‘s Position specializes in fresh fish straight from fishing boats in the Moeraki River. The restaurant is rustic and is constructed from reclaimed materials. The region has a strong Maori tradition and a history of whaling and sealing. It is renowned for the beach with Moeraki boulders across the bay, and the open sea to the north.

Auckland New Zealand
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