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A temple in Bali
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Nightlife in Bali: Best Things to explore in Bali after the Sun goes down in!

Bali is one of the most happening Island by day and it sure does have a lot to offer by night. It has excellent views with wonderful resorts. Bali is very friendly with the budget. But people begin to realise that Bali has his advantages. We can expect it in the coming years already to be a tourist hotspot. So why wait until this happens, before anyone else get a bite from this exotic Island experience.

A wide range of people, style and budgets are devoted to Bali evening life. Sunset beach clubs and night club clubs are proving that after dark you can enjoy life in Bali and get loose with live DJs, rooftopping bars, theatre performances, or just an easy sunset dinner cruise. The best of all are these nightlife experiences in Bali.


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1. Nightclubs
Image Credits: Pixabay

Bali has become a world-class party and nightlife destination due to its closeness to Australia, Japan, and Singapore, as well as a steady stream of travellers from all over the world. The famous club scene in Bali starts mostly at around midnight and has a wide range of nightclubs and bars with pumping bass, dance plots and late closing, allowing to party until sunrise. The most popular night spots have the right combination of sights, sounds, characteristic tastes and the environment.

Bali has traditionally been a hotspot for nightlife and clubbing. The island has been a favourite destination for hippies and surfers for nearly half a century. It is open and friendly atmosphere has allowed a robust party scene to develop over the years. Bali is located in a Muslim-majority country. Bali’s party scene continues to grow in strength and speed. The number of clubs, as well as the number of tourists and partygoers, is growing. Café del Mar, Scorpio, and Omnia are also another group of clubs that are opening or have recently debuted in Bali, making it even more appealing.

2. Sunset Cruise Dinner
Image Credits: Pixabay

You can enjoy a tropical evening in a sunset cruise in Bali, it mostly includes a dinner for a couple too. You can witness the open sky with a vibrant colors. Dancing to the open live cabaret performance and the dance floor. Take a world-class buffet dinner, while a live group plays in the food area to cater for an unforgettable experience. A group of trained professionals who answer all your questions and make sure you have the best time in your life is taking care of this cruise.

3. Balinese Dance Show

Image Credits: Pixabay

Balinese dances are divided into several categories based on Indonesia’s history and culture. These are religious dances that take place in different places in Bali and Indonesia. They are held at special events, ceremonies and birthdays. Kecak Dance, Legong Dance and Barong Dance are popular for visitors. There is a dance performance on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Moreover other performances take place on every new moon or full moon. There are dancers trained to do Balinese traditional dance, depending on where you are on the island, there are classes available. These classes happen in the Balinese Culture Creation in Sanur, or the Bali Culture Centre in Ubud if you’re in the area.

4. Uluwatu Temple Theatre
Image Credits: Pixabay

Uluwatu is Bali’s 9 important Temple that is perched on the edge of a rocky cliff 70 metres above the thundering surf of the Indian Ocean. It has an amphitheatre that is a large open space with concrete seats, a main stage, and a spectacular view of the ocean. People start assembling here around the evening and the show starts at 6 pm. You could spend an evening of awe and witness the ultimate Kecak Fire Dance show which is another iconic dance that is performed here in Bali. The utilisation of human vocals to enhance the dance-vibe drama’s is the most outstanding aspect of the performance.

5. Beach Clubs

Image Credits: Pixabay

One thing you have to experience in Bali is spending the time in a beach club. Moreover it has various water based activities, bars, bonfires that you can enjoy with the beautiful view of the sea. Some with Ibiza-inspired party vibes or simply a tropical Bali beach hut setup, Bali beach clubs have spectacular locations overlooking the surf and Indian Ocean. Ku De Ta, Potato Head, Mozaic, and Cocoon are some of the best beach clubs in the area. They liven up the beautiful sunny coasts by day and stage beautiful sunset sessions at night, followed by chill rhythms.

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6. Night Markets
Image Credits: Unsplash

Bali’s abundance of night markets, also known as pasar malam or pasar senggol, offer a really fascinating evening shopping and dining experience. Sanur, Kereneng, Gianyar, and Badung have the most popular markets, which largely consist of traditional vendors selling local food, snacks, and knickknacks at ridiculously low costs. Handicrafts, stone carvings, wooden carvings, paintings, and woven and dyed fabrics can all be found at Bali’s night markets.

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7. Rooftop Bars

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In Bali, there are numerous rooftop establishments that have supplied international diners and partygoers with some great hangout options. These venues have become wonderful alternatives and are now a key part of Bali’s dining and nightlife scene, thanks to the introduction of multi-story elegant hotels and venues with specialised platforms to meet together under the stars. The greatest rooftop bars in Bali generate fantastic atmospheres and vibes, as well as a wide range of unique beverages and beautiful views.


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So there you go! Bali is just the perfect gem of a place to go and have a wonderful island experience. Excited to try out these amazing activities in Bali? Check out Bali honeymoon packages or Bali Indonesia packages at Pickyourtrail and make a memorable Bali vacation!

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