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beautiful city of Northern Italy
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Attractions In North Italy – The Appealing Side Of The Country

With Pizza, pasta, wine, gelato and Vespas in hand, can your trip get any better? If you are planning for an Italy trip, you are already halfway to heaven especially if you’re visiting North Italy. With awe-inspiring attractions and lip-smacking cuisines, the Northern Italy cities are hands down the best destinations for travel freaks. The Northern region of Italy, known as II Nord or Settentrione, comprises 8 regions. The vast country with stunning mountains, alluring ocean and eye-catchy vistas will truly captivate your heart. In this article, let’s dive deep into the mesmerizing attractions in Northern Italy in detail.

Lush greeneries and buildings in the cities of Northern Italy
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More about II Nord

This diverse area with an enormous population of 27.2 million, the place never looks crowded due to its vast geography. Also, the cities of Northern Italy are economically productive and have lots of manufacturing units when compared to the southern region. Indulge in the historical stories that each attraction narrates. Right from skiing at the Alps to a historic tour in Venice, the region has something for everyone. 


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Cities in Northern Italy

#1 Milan

Milan Cathedral
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Firstly, head to one of the largest and renowned cities in Northern Italy. Milan, a city known for its rich culture, history and economy definitely holds the first position in the region. You can also find a series of high-end shopping outlets in the city. Wherever you go, you will be inspired by the sublime architecture and flawless historical buildings. 

Some of the major attractions in Milan include the Gothic Duomo, Sforzesco Castle and Da Vinci Museum. You can also visit the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II which is one of the top things to do in Milan. The city will satisfy you in all means as it is full of sightseeing spots, shopping outlets and welcoming restaurants.

#2 Venice

Boat ride in Venice
Image credits: Unsplash

Travelling with your loved one and missing out on Venice is truly a crime. This romantic city in Northern Italy has a touch of love wherever you go. Walking through the narrow cobbled streets and canals while holding your partner’s hand is indeed an unbelievably romantic experience. This island city is located in the Venetian lagoon. This magical land was formed from hundreds of tiny islands clubbed together by a network of bridges and canals. Now, it is filled with many top things to do to have an exotic vacation.

#3 Turin

Being the economic powerhouse of the country, Turin was once the capital city of Italy. Initially, the city always played an important role in the culture and economy of the country. Currently, the city is known for retaining much of Italy’s history and charm. Also, the city has a shedload of attractions that project the culture and glory of the country. Remarkable attractions include decadent Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Madama. Also, head to the Mole Antonelliana and the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista here. Do not miss visiting the Turin Egyptian museum where you can see the face of Jesus in the fabled Turin Shroud.

#4 Bologna

Bologna, the capital city of the Emilia-Romagna region is one of the largest cities in northern Italy. With a plethora of manufacturing and financial industries, the city also stands out as a major transport hub. Bologna is also known as the city of towers and since the city is full of several historical high-rise structures, a large number of tourists visit the place annually.

Important tourist landmarks include the leaning towers of Bologna and Torre Prendiparte. Apart from this, Bologna also houses Piazzas and religious buildings. Some of them include Piazza Maggiore and the Cathedral of San Petronio. Also, art buffs can visit the Archaeological Museum and the National Gallery here.

#5 Genoa

Port of Genoa
Image credits: Unsplash

Head to Genoa, the sixth-largest city in Italy. It is situated on the southern coast of Northern Italy. Beautifully tucked on the Ligurian Sea, Genoa is known for its scenic beauty and awe-inspiring architecture. Also, the city is known for its contribution to the economy of the country. Throughout your trip, you’ll be mesmerised by the majestic buildings like Piazza Ferrari and the Piazza Matteotti. You can also spend some quality time in the Aquarium and The Maritime Museum. Walk around the port as you will see a real-time shipping hustle there.

#6 Parma

The city of Parma is sandwiched between Bologna and Milan. Known for its beautiful Prosciutto Ham and cheese varieties, the place is truly a foodie’s paradise. With tongue-tingling food in one hand, a range of impressive structures will impress you on the other hand. Parma Cathedral, Teatro Farnese and Teatro Regio are some of the must-visit places here. If you are an art lover, make your way to see the works of Da Vinci and Van Dyck at the National Museum.

#7 Verona

Though the glory and beauty of Verona are unsung because of the popularity of the neighbouring cities, it is a gem in Northern Italy. It houses some of the finest historical centres in the country and some magnificent sites as well. Get amazed at the gigantic structure of Arena which is an equivalent to the Colosseum of Rome. You can also visit the Castle Vecchio and the connecting Ponte Vecchio that portrays the history of Verona. Stroll around the city and explore the impressive religious structures namely Verona Cathedral, the Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, the Piazza Delle Erbe and the Piazza Bra. Conclude your day trip at the Lake Garda which offers amazing vistas and brilliant views.

#8 Lake Garda

Beautiful view of Lake Garda
Image credits: Unsplash

Being the largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda is an important highlight among Northern Italy cities. This popular spot welcomes an enormous population of tourists and locals every year. Get ready to drop your jaws while looking at the scenery around the lake. With mountains blanketed with dense forests and tiny painting-like villages makes the place a photographer’s paradise. To take in the entire beauty of the lake, you can visit the towns namely Sirmione and Bardolino. Jump into a boat on this serene lake and explore the charming villages and the sublime scenery.

#9 Trieste

Stunning scenic beauty of Trieste- one of the beautiful cities of Northern Italy
Image credits: Unsplash

Trieste is a peculiar city and is different from the other cities in Northern Italy. Since the city lies in close proximity to Slovenia, the city practices a different culture which has been greatly influenced by the neighbouring countries. You can reach the Slovenia border in under 20 minutes of time from Trieste. Reach the harbour of Trieste which is a fantastic place to explore. During your tour, you will be stumbled on the beauty of a series of castles, Roman ruins and opulent religious structures. Another attraction in the city is the Molo Audace, 300m long promenade that juts out into the sea.

#10 Alessandria

If you are so much into military history and displays, Alessandria is the ideal spot for you to visit among the cities of Northern Italy. Located in the Piedmont region, it is a small yet spectacular place. The city also has an amazing transport facility as it is directly connected to Milan, Turin and Genoa. Visit the popular Tanaro river and the impressive Cittadella di Alessandria which sits right next to the river. can be found in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy and is a fantastic place to visit despite its smaller size. Other important highlights include the Piazza Garibaldi and the Piazza Della Liberta.

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To summarise, North Italy and ravishing beauty go hand in hand. Do not wait for the best time for there is no tomorrow. Wake up the budding tourist in you and explore the bursting beauty of North Italy. With historical cities waiting to be explored, the cities of North Italy are looking for your arrival. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Italy right away!

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