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Written by Akshaya Devi on March 27, 2020 Share on

Add Colours to Your Life by Live Streaming the Northern Lights Right Now, Right Here

All we need right now is a little colour in our lives. What better way to do so than by inviting the northern lights directly into our living rooms? Why not, the northern lights peak season may be nearing its end when the Coronavirus travel restrictions are lifted.

How lucky are we now, that Canada’s Explore Organization live-streams the world’s most spectacular light show from a webcam in Manitoba, located exactly underneath the prime auroral zone!

Meanwhile, if nature and virtual tours are your thing, check this out — Amazing virtual tour of national parks to quench your wanderlust at the comfort of your couch

Coming back, the video also includes intriguing explanations about the creation of this natural phenomenon alongside a very real live stream. Close your eyes and you can feel the cold breeze hovering over you as you look up in awe. 🙂

Here’s a gist of what’s in store!

All set? Stream the full video at explore.org. Please note that you need a G-Suite account to watch the video.

Inspired? Hang in there, it may not be long until things go back to normal. Here’s something more to help you choose where to watch the northern lights when the time is right.

Northern Lights in Sweden | Northern Lights in Iceland | Southern Lights in New Zealand | Best places to See Northern Lights | View Itineraries

Until then, stay home, stay safe:)

Love, Pickyourtrail.

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