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notting hill carnival london
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Notting Hill Carnival, London – Europe’s biggest carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival is one of the world’s biggest and one of the most spectacular carnivals and it marks the largest in Europe. The people of London all join together and come alive during the last weekend of August including the back holiday which is considered a public holiday. A lot of people from across the globe fly to London to be a part of this spectacular event. London, being the capital of the United Kingdom and with one. of the top tourist places to visit witnesses a lot of tourists throughout the year.

Notting Hill Carnival, London
Image credit: Pexels

Where is Notting Hill Carnival?

The Carnival held in London usually follows a similar route every year and it covers the W10 and W11 streets of London around the Notting Hill, Kensal Road, Ladbroke Group, Westbourne Park, and Westbourne Group. The route for every year can be checked on their official app, which displays the map for the carnival. The entire route takes notice of the Caribbean culture highlighting their famous dishes, Calypso and Reggae music, their native clothing along with various activities, music competitions, parades, and Caribbean history lessons too!

What is Notting Hill Carnival?

Marking Europe’s biggest street carnival, Notting Hill Carnival involves a huge Caribbean party reflecting their culture, flavors, and music. Accompanied by a lively carnival parade, with people dressed in colorful costumes performing all the way through the streets and the entire carnival route and dancing their way along with the various pieces of music and bands. Showcasing the rich and multicultural heritage of London, it involves a lot of activities and performances for the kids in the event of Children’s day.

The numbers each year are sky-rocketing. There has been a massive increase in the numbers in terms of the attendees, volunteers, sound systems, bands, costume creations along with the number of tourists.

Notting Hill carnival
Notting Hill Carnival
Image Credits: Unsplash

Ways to get to the Carnival?

Being easily accessible and widespread the London public transport will be the best way to reach the place. Though a lot of closures of the road could take place along with the temporary closing of train stations, they also provide other facilities like increasing the number of buses throughout the period. Checking out the operating train stations and how can they be approached and used logistically would make it hassle-free.

When did it start?

In 1966, Rhone Laslett, a social worker from Notting Hill organized an event for the kids which marked the start of the carnival. This tradition of carnivals was started much earlier in 1959 when a Caribbean Carnival was conducted in the Town Hall of St Prancas. This was broadcasted by the BBC officials and organized by Claudia Jones, a Trinidad Human Rights Activist and from then activities and events took place in the halls of London. When started initially it had about 500 people which has now reached 50,000 performers with more than 30 sound systems making it Europe’s biggest carnival.

A few famous singers who come from a Caribbean background include Rihanna, Bob Marley, Kerry Washington, and Nicki Minaj.

London carnival, Notting Hill Carnival
London Carnival
Image Credits: Unsplash

What makes the Notting Hill Carnival one of its own?

With the mission of re-vitalizing Children’s day, they make sure to protect, promote and honour the cultural heritage of London.

Meanwhile, with the mass gatherings, which might lead to a lot of thefts, pickpocketings, and tiffs, they make certain to protect the audience’s engagement.

They work with the local community, stakeholders and all the others involved validating that everyone is able to voice their concerns so they could work towards them and help create a robust internal work structure and organization. 

They ensure that an event and carnival aims at delivering cultural and economic values to society.

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