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offbeat things to do in Budapest
Written by Akshaya Seshadri on March 30, 2018 Share on

Your hidden treasure chest – Top offbeat things to do in Budapest

When in Budapest, there’s a grand mix of attraction spots that offer unbelievable experiences.  Be it major landmarks like River Danube, History Museum and Matthias Church or the oldest bars and remains of architecture, Budapest has the best of all worlds. Make sure you check out the below listed offbeat things to do in Budapest and make a booking with us to embark on the perfect Hungarian trip!

1. Fisherman’s Bastion

Fisherman’s Bastion,offbeat things to do in Budapest
Image credit – thinkvisual

Budapest Fisherman’s Bastion has amazing city views and architecture with a neo-Gothic touch to it. Seated on the Buda bank of River Danube, the Fisherman’s Bastion was designed between 1895 and 1902 by Frigyes Schulek. You can see seven towers and a terrace which gives a picturesque view of the Margaret Island, Gellért Hill and the Danube. The history behind Fisherman’s Bastion is that the castle wall of Buda was protected by the fishermen group back then. A trip to explore Fisherman’s Bastion is one of the top offbeat things to do in Budapest since you can get some history learning done along with quality sightseeing.

2. Castle Hill

Castle Hill,offbeat things to do in Budapest
Image credit – free-budapest

The Buda Castle Hill is something you can spot from any corner of Budapest. However, if you are to climb a kilometer or so above the Danube river, you can check out the amazing cityscapes offered from the top of this hill. Once you reach the crown of the Castle Hill, you could wander around the gardens for free. From getting the best views of tall buildings and and exploring cozy streets, you can get it all done from the top of this Castle Hill.

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3. Heroes Square

Heroes Square,offbeat things to do in Budapest
Image credit – commons.wikimedia

When in Budapest, make it a point to check out the Heroes Square where you can see the statue of the famous archangel Gabriel – dedicated to the lives lost during the Hungarian independence war. The statues of Seven Chieftains of the Magyars and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are the other famous statues in this complex. When you are at this complex, make a visit to the Andrássy Avenue which is right next to the City Park. This houses The Museum of Fine Arts and the Budapest Wall of Art (Műcsarnok).

4. Parliament building

Parliament building, offbeat things to do in Budapest
Image credit – alwayswanderlust

One of Budapest’s archaeological wonders, The  Parliament building is a renowned landmark on the banks of River Danube. The building strikes so much similarity with the Houses of Parliament in London, that you might actually be confused for a minute if you are in Hungary or England! For the best views, check out this historical structure during the night time.

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5. City Park

City Park, offbeat things to do in Budapest
Image credit – ppmhungary

The City Park is the home to the city zoo and it houses one of the prominent thermal baths in Budapest. Even though the entry fee is charged for the city zoo, a stroll along the statues and a trip down the exterior region of Vajdahunyad Castle costs nothing!

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6. Gellert Hill

Gellert Hill, offbeat things to do in Budapest
Image credit – ppmhungary

If you are done checking out the Cave Church, march to the top the Gellert Hill where you can view one of the best sunsets in Europe. You also get to admire the views of the Danube, Parliament building and the Chain Bridge. Now that’s definitely one of the top offbeat things to do in Budapest. Isn’t it?

7.  Margaret’s Island

Margaret’s Island, offbeat things to do in Budapest
Image credit – welovebudapest

Take some time-out at the Margaret’s Island, which is located in the centric region of Danube. This island was once called the ‘Island of Rabbits, and later got renamed after Saint Margaret, D/O King Béla IV. Punctuated with tree-lined paths and monuments, the island also boasts of a running path spanning close to 5.3 Kms. Chill with a beer or two and have a leisurely outing of the best kind at Margaret’s Island.

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8. Budapest Bridges

Budapest Bridges, offbeat things to do in Budapest
Image credit – wikimedia

The two halves of the city, Buda and Pest are connected with multiple bridges. Take a stroll along these bridges which have their own historic tales. What better way to appreciate the legendary tales, if not for walking to and fro Buda and Pest? Just in case you are interested in the top bridges of this city, pay a visit to Elizabeth Bridge, Liberty Bridge, Margaret Bridge and Chain Bridge.

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9. Museum Hunt

Ludwig Museum, offbeat things to do in Budapest
Image credit – beta-architecture

The Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art is a great place for art lovers to witness some classic artworks. Eastern Europe’s best contemporary art can be found here. The House of Terror museum reveals the communist and fascist regimes which took place in the Nazi headquarters in the early 1940s.

10. Jewish shoe memorial

Jewish shoe memorial,offbeat things to do in Budapest
Image credit – likealocalguide

When you are near the banks of Danube and at a close proximity to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, you should make a mandatory visit to the Jewish memorial set up there. A bit of walking along the Zoltán Street or across the banks of Danube will lead to this quirky, yet unique shoe memorial which was built as a tribute to 3500 Jews who lost their lives during the Arrow Cross terror.

Pack your bags and get ready to check out the offbeat things in Budapest and write back to us on how grand it was!

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