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Written by Deepak K on February 9, 2019 Share on

5 offbeat things to do in Malaysia for Indians

Young and independent travellers, especially the ones who don’t prefer to do cliché things are just so much fun to be with. They just prefer staying away from the crowd, exploring the unexplored, and enjoying nature in the most unmixed form. If you’re one amongst them, cheers! Welcome on board. In case you’re planning a trip to Malaysia or looking for some totally weird and unusual things to do in Malaysia, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the offbeat things you should totally check out if you’re visiting Malaysia.

1. Try exploring Kuala Lumpur on Segway

Ever thought that you can explore the places of Kuala Lumpur on a Segway? Well, there are obviously options by which you can go around the city like cars, buses, and even on foot. But, once you go around the destination on a Segway, you’ll definitely not prefer the conventional way of roaming around. Now that you have stuck to the Segway, there are two major tours that you can choose from, Putrajaya and Lake Gardens. Try exploring any of these and you’ll have one of the best experiences of your life!

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2. Experience dining at Dining in the Dark

What if you were blindfolded and asked to eat in the dark? This is exactly what you’ll experience if you plan to have food in Dining in the Dark. Experience dining in complete darkness when your sense of seeing is taken away and you’ve to eat by smelling and feeling the food! Imagine how fun it would be to dine like that. This is yet another fun experience with loads of laughter around the table. Do try it out and keep guessing what you’re eating.

3. Try adopting a baby orangutan!

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I made it back down under after what has been the most incredible month of my life. Here’s shot of what a day in the life at Sepilok looks like: Goman on the left (who walks like human) and my beautiful Sepilok on the right (who I felt very connected too.) Protecting these animals is more crucial than ever. They are critically endangered and unless we choose to start making different choices right now – they won’t survive for much longer. I always knew they shared so much of our DNA but after a month with them you start to understand how human-like they really are. They’re so intelligent, so emotional and most of all so vulnerable. I don’t want to live in a world where Orangutans don’t exist. Thank you to my beautiful babies for sharing your magic with me. I will be forever grateful #orangutans #sepilok #conservation

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Want to call yourself a proud parent of a baby orangutan? Visit Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre located in Sabah and know more about the day to day life of orangutans. This centre takes care of the orphaned orangutans and allows the visitors to observe them. In case one wants to help and support the centre, they can adopt a baby orangutan and take care of it. Well, you can obviously not take it home, but pet it there and look after it at the centre. In case you want to do something meaningful yet different, do check this centre out!

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4. A cat lover’s trip to paradise

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This museum in Kuching is completely dedicated to cats, so if you love cats, you should totally give it a shot. Obviously, there are no livening cats there since it’s a museum, but you’ll definitely come across memorials, various cat paintings, and even stuffed cats. Well, some of you might prefer visiting a place full of lively cats, but for some, it might seem awkward. Any which ways, this museum is definitely not something that should be skipped if you love cats.

5. How about having cocktails at sky bars?

Kuala Lumpur has a beautiful landscape when it comes to looking over from Petronas Twin Towers. Want to have fun and enjoy the view at the same time? Try sipping on some of your favourite cocktails on the sky bars. There are three sky bars that you can check out in Kuala Lumpur, Pacific Standard Bar, Heil Lounge Bar, and Marini’s on 57. Visit any of the three, or probably why not try them all? Get on top of the sky bars, enjoy the view and grab your cocktails. Sounds cool right? It definitely is! This is a perfect way to chill and end your weekend.

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So, these were some of the offbeat things you can do in Malaysia and I bet, each one is different and will give you memories for a lifetime. Do try them all and Malaysia honeymoon package will always be close to your heart.

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