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Mughal architecture during one-day itinerary to Delhi
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One-day Itinerary To Delhi – Double Dhamaka In A Single Day

Delhi is more than just spotting tombs of emperors while standing in traffic junction or learning about the forgotten history and busy streets. Though the population of the city is 19 million, you will find brothers and sisters in every nook and corner. With an expansive urban sprawl, Delhi is also the greenest capital city in the world. From the bazaars to lively local restaurants to Mughal architectural buildings and traditional temples, Delhi has something for everyone. With so much to explore, are you still wondering how to explore the city within a day? Here’s a one-day itinerary to Delhi in India to spend your precious time in this beautiful chaos.

India gate visit
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Overview Of one-day itinerary to Delhi

  • Start your day at Chandni Chowk
  • Learn about the Mughal history of Old Delhi
  • Make your way to New Delhi
  • Explore the contemporary side of Delhi

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Visit Chandni Chowk

Kickstart your one-day itinerary to Delhi by visiting the heart of the bustling city. Chandni Chowk, the largest and busiest market in Delhi truly deserves to be the first in your list. Take a metro to reach the chowk as it is the easiest possible way to avoid heavy crowds. Once you reach, start with the Kinari Bazaar. Get amazed by the eye-catchy gullies, wedding essentials such as lace borders, sequins, wedding invites, favours and much more. The place is simply a visual treat with different shades of colours and glitters. Secondly, head to Khai Baoli, and take in the aroma of fresh exotic spices. This is the largest spice market in Asia and you will smell it before you see it. Treat your taste buds at the famous Jalebiwala and enjoy!

Know the Mughal history of Old Delhi

Jump into a rickshaw or tuk-tuk from the Chowk to Jama Masjid. This age-old marvel was constructed in 1656 AD. It is one of the largest mosques in India. Climb through the stairs and get a jaw-dropping view of the old version of Delhi from the 40m high minaret. After admiring the 360-degree view from Jama Masjid, take another tuk-tuk and head to the Red fort. This fort was constructed in 1639 by the emperor named Shah Jahan. Initially, the fort was used as a resting place for Mughal emperors till 1857. However, the place has become one of the top tourist attractions in Delhi. Stroll through the vast area of 250 acres, and get to know more about the long-forgotten history of the place. 

New Delhi calling

Humayun's Tomb visit during one-day itinerary to Delhi
Image credits: Unsplash

Hire a taxi from the Red Fort and head towards south to New Delhi. On your way, ask your taxi driver to stop near the India Gate and do not miss capturing a picture. Also, do not miss grabbing an ice cream from the famous ice cream shop at this place. Finish your lunch at Cafe Lota. After finishing traditional yet modern lunch, explore the state-by-state exhibitions at the crafts museum. From the museum, rent a taxi and head to Humayun’s Tomb. Walkthrough the gardens and rest at the sonorous waterways.

Explore the Contemporary side of Delhi

It’s time to venture out to the contemporary side of Delhi. Head to Hauz Khaz Village, a peculiar part of the city which is full of young and energetic people. With a wide array of boutiques, antique shops, designer stores, the place is truly the much-loved spot in Delhi. Fill your tummy at the Coast cafe with authentic South Indian cuisine. If you are craving for cocktails, head to Social and try out the dry-ice cocktails and end your trip.

If you really want to know about India in a single day, the best way is to visit Delhi. This exclusive one-day itinerary to Delhi will surely be an amazing guide. Though one cannot explore the whole of the city in a single day, you can still be happy with the pretty little surprises awaiting in Delhi. Why wait, Get packing to New Delhi and enjoy the capital city. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Delhi right away. Now you can connect with us directly via Whatsapp and plan your dream trip at ease.

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