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One day trip from Delhi
Written by Shanmugam on November 4, 2022 Share on

One day trip from Delhi: Top 6 places perfect for short trips

A one day trip from Delhi can definitely be the ideal way to blow away the steam and the work pressure that you face during your workdays. To the residents of Delhi, this blog will help you plan a better one day trip from Delhi. Don’t worry non Delhites this blog can be helpful for you if your planning to explore and visit top places in Delhi. Also, what makes this short trips from Delhi so special is that you can plan it quickly and also there won’t be any budget constraints. Moreover, these top places near Delhi save a lot of time by reducing the need for intensive planning and packing. These one-day trips from Delhi can be a rejuvenating break from the daily tediousness of a schedule.

one day trip from Delhi
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Best time to visit places near Delhi

Delhi has soothing and cosy weather. Situated below the Himalayas the ambience and the climate all year round make this place a perfect scenic getaway. Almost all the places from Delhi has a spellbinding climate in both Monsoons and Winters. Moreover, you can visit the destination from July to February. This sprawling state remains cool and pleasurably calm in the months of December. The month is known for its festive. However, it’s best recommended to plan during winter.

one day trip from Delhi
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Top places to go a one-day trip from Delhi

To make it even more exciting, all these one day trip from Delhi are perfect for a long drive. Planning to get away from all the chaos and land in the lap of nature or great views? Well, then these exciting and rejuvenating one-day trip routes from Delhi will definitely stick in your travel memory forever. Keep scrolling and unveil the hidden treasures near Delhi.

one day trip from Delhi
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1.Jaipur – Pink City

Start your one day trip from Delhi to one of the royal heritage city in India, Jaipur. Popularly known as the Pink city of India, spending a day trip will be a great way to experience the city’s royal heritage. The area’s must-see historical sites include the City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort and Nahargarh Fort. Moreover, if you wish to get some souvenirs, head to Bapu Bazaar. It has everything from fabrics to pretty footwear. Before heading home, stop at the shopping complex outside Hotel Narain Niwas Palace to browse new local brands. After getting some souvenirs, have a dinner or a dreamy candlelit dinner at the Bar Palladio. The hotel boasts for a mix of colonial architecture with stunning classic Mughal design.

one day trip from Delhi
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2.Neemrana Fort- Historic Palace

Plan a one day trip from Delhi to Neemrana Fort palace for a leisurely getaway from the chaos of the city. Located at the Aravalli hills, this picturesque Neemrana fort palace covers and spread across 25acres. The fort offers you a spectacular view of a lush green village. While looking at the magnificent and charming village have a lazy lunch with your family and loved ones. After lunch, stroll through the village to witness unique local stores and small temples. If you opt to stay for the night, then watch the traditional Rajasthani folk dance performance and stay at the hotel that comprises several beautiful structures.

one day trip from Delhi
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3.Agra – Best one-day trip destination

Almost all the one day trip from Delhi itinerary has this Taj Mahal visiting activity for sure. But there are other places to visit in the city of Agra. To name a few you can add the Agra Fort and also the ‘Ghost City’ of Fatehpur Sikri to your itinerary. These attractions offer you an amazing insight into the Mughal-era architecture style and techniques. All these sites shine with lots of glories and historic memories. Moreover, Taj Mahal looks really amazing during the sunrise. If you can reach this place early you can be part of the magical hours and click some amazing pictures. You can reach Agra by train and bus. Catch a morning train from Delhi which will get you to Agra in around two hours. Taking the bus from Interstate Bus terminus is cheaper but doubles the travel time.

Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel on Unsplash

4.Sultanpur National Park – Birds paradise

The Sultanpur National Park is one of the best one day trip places from Delhi and also from Noida. The national park allures 100 of bird species and you can spot all of them from January to March. The bird sanctuary comes to life during this time and migratory birds set up temporary homes here. Birds including the painted stork, Eurasian thick-knee, purple sunbird and white-throated kingfisher visit this national park. Plan for this short vacation from Delhi with your family and loved ones. Kids will certainly love this place for sure. For couples and honeymoon travellers you can relax and enjoy the scenic sunset view.

Sultanpur National Park
Photo by Sam G on Unsplash

5.Damdama Lake – Hot springs

Located in the state of Haryana, Damdama lies about 45 kilometres (28 miles) from Delhi. Damdama Lake is famed for the biggest lake in India. Backed by the mighty Aravalli Range, the lake makes for the ideal picturesque day trip from Delhi. You can do a lot of activities to do, such as rock climbing, parasailing, kayaking and cycling. Also, the places allure a lot of birds species. Birdwatchers will love this place for sure. Moreover, the Sohna Sulphur Hot Spring attraction is considered sacred and thought to have several medicinal benefits.

Damdama Lake
Photo by Sam G on Unsplash

6.Pratapgarh Farms – Nature paradise

Located at a dense forest set up Pratapgarh Farms will definitely be an ideal place to get away from busy city life. Head to Pratapgarh Farms for a rustic countryside experience. The serene hamlet boasts for verdant fields – a welcome change from the concrete jungle of Delhi Also, the place has a plethora of activities to do. You go on a camel and tractor rides, enjoy Dholki Dance performances, and even play local games, including Gilli danda, pithoo and kanche goli. Also, you can get a variety of home-cooked foods. these home-cooked foods are prepared in Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan styles. To end this feast in a better way, chew on a sweet stick of sugar cane, freshly plucked from the farm.

Delhi is one of the most beautiful locations in India and should be experienced with your partner and loved ones. Book your domestic package through Pickyourtrail to enjoy a hassle-free vacation.

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