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Written by Deepak K on March 5, 2019 Share on

Delete your Instagram feed to earn one year of free flights

Have you wondered how it would be to travel the world for free? I personally have thought about it a million times. And, every time I do, I also realize that I am dreaming. Then, I wake up. Shrug off my unrealistic dreams and get back to work. But, not today. Because we now have a chance to obtain one year of free flights. And the price? ZERO!

Recently, JetBlue on Instagram announced a contest which will offer three lucky winners and a friend a full year of free flights with the ‘All you can Jet pass’. And, this is not the first time JetBlue is doing something like this. In 2009, JetBlue rolled out the pass which came for a price of $599 and offered unlimited flights for a year. This time, it is even more special. You don’t have to pay a penny and you will still get to travel for free. Isn’t that great!

But, what’s the catch. You have to wipe all the posts & stories on your Instagram and keep it clean till 8th March, 9 am EST. Once you have done that fill in ‘ALL YOU CAN —–‘ by uploading an image of your favourite activity, place, or a person. Basically, let your creativity do all the talking. To do this, download the template and then add your image. Upload the final image on your Instagram tagging JetBlue and then add #AllYouCanJetSweepstakes. And, do not post any other photo apart from this on your feed till the winners are announced.

Wondering what image to put? Don’t look at me, I am not going to say I am going to put. I want free flights for myself.

Let’s see on the battlefield. B-)

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