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Our Native Village, Bengaluru
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Our Native Village – Eco Resort – An Ultimate Guide

India’s natural landscape is extremely diverse. The country has a unique tie to mother nature and the people of India experience mother nature in all its glory in various different forms – be it mountains, rivers, deserts, seas, oceans and land in itself.

Being amongst nature reminds you of the simpler days of your childhood where you can simply run outdoors and experience all forms of nature. This is what Eco resort located in the outskirts of Bangalore city aims to do. It is a place to bring people who want to leave behind daily routine life and the hustle and bustle of living in a metropolitan city to a serene destination cut off from mundane daily life. 

About Our Native Village

Our Native Village is an eco-resort in the style of a village to bring people closer to nature and tranquillity of the simpler days before the modern world took over. Indian villages showcase mankind’s closeness to nature and this is what Our Native Village wants to recreate as a retreat with the theme behind the resort being warm village hospitality and environmental conservation for its guests. The resort provides a completely authentic experience and feels of Karnataka in all aspects of the resort. This family-friendly resort is completely eco friendly and is the ideal space to relax and get lost in the beauty of mother nature.

Location Of Our Native Village

Our Native Village is an eco-resort with a goal of being a retreat from city life, this eco-resort is located close to Bangalore airport. It is only 40 km from the heart of Bangalore city. You can drive yourself or choose for a pickup and drop off service provided by the resort.

Address: Hesaraghatta Village, 90 Minutes from MG Road, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560088

Things to Do In Our Native Village

1. Farmland Activities:

Immerse yourself into life on farmland with activities such as jumping into a swimming pool, or have fun playing traditional Indian games from your childhood. These games include some classics such as Gilli-danda, lagori, spinning tops and flying kites. Meet all farm animals and take some bullock cart rides. You can even bring your own pets as the resort is pet friendly and watch your pets bond with farm animals.

2. Taste authentic Karnataka cuisine

All that outdoor activity is surely going to make you hungry. The resort has an in house earthy restaurant which serves delicious authentic Karnataka food. Indulge in the cuisine and make your taste buds crave for more without having to leave the resort.

3. Rooms

The rooms in the resort are neat, clean and comfortable.  The best part is the rooms are all available at value for money prices. The resort believes in making bonds stronger during the day hence it is the ideal destination for corporate stays, team building exercises or just a weekend getaway with the family from big cities.

Unique Features

The most unique feature of Our Native village is that it is 100% eco friendly. It follows a unique eco-friendly approach which is built on the foundation of five basic pillars of environmental conservation – earthly architecture, nutritious food, energy and water conservation and proper waste management. This is a rare experience to have especially got guests visiting from big cities tying human simplicity with nature’s hospitality through empathy and graceful hospitality.

About Niraamaya Retreats

Niraamaya Retreats is a selection of some of the most exclusive hideaways in India. Each Niraamaya Retreat property is a beautiful serene place privately placed in the midst of mother nature. The retreats aim at nurturing human simplicity with overall wellness. Each property has its own award-winning Niraamaya spa which provides a number of wellness therapies including Ayurveda, yoga to rejuvenate and renew the mind, body and soul. The retreats also offer excellent culinary speciality restaurants on-site including the heritage of the destination. Each retreat provides an incomparable sense of luxury and comfort during your stay.

Is it safe to travel during Covid-19?

The Niraamaya Retreats properties follow the highest standard of service and hygiene initiated by government protocols and WHO standards to keep their guests safe during these concerning times. The properties ensure that they follow these stringent measures to tackle the pandemic and enable safe travel. The property ensures to keep social distancing norms and disinfectant is continuously used to clean all objects to come into contact such as door handles, railings etc. There are mandatory procedures enforced on all staff working in the kitchen, housekeeping, front desk, restaurants and room service.

Additionally, the staff ensures to keep hand sanitizers/disinfectant wipes and disposable masks at the entrance of the lobby so they can be easily accessible. Your baggage will also be sanitized on arrival and temperature checks will be done on the spot. Any guest with a temperature of more than 99°F will not be allowed to enter the retreat. There are medical professionals present on-site to guide guests on the further course of action on any point of time. To read more about the Covid-19 safety protocols click here.

Read more about Niraamaya safety measures here.

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