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stunning views of the Vienna beach
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Paint your day with some Coastal colors! – A visit to the Vienna beaches

Vienna is considered as the capital and largest city of Austria located on the Danube River in the northeastern part of the country. Having an oceanic type of climate, Vienna experiences short summers and relatively longer winters. The place is predominantly cold. So, when it’s summer, tourists enjoy the sunshine by paying a visit to the Vienna beaches until they turn blue. The magical beaches along the Danube valley with benches lined up on the sidewalks outside every restaurant and cafes are a treat to the eyes! The food and coffee they offer are just icing on the cake. The parks near the beaches are one among the must-visit attractions that have the most beautiful and vibrant flowers crafted beautifully by the local Viennese gardeners to captivate our eyes and mind!

?When to visit?

Pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, and camera to visit the beaches when the sun shows up! The beaches of Vienna are open from the start of May until the end of September. This may even extend till the month of October depending upon the weather conditions. Want to know some of the best beaches to visit when in Vienna? Read On…

a beach in the city of vienna
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1. Simmeringer Bad

Simmeringer Bad is located in Florian-Hedorfer-Straße 5. The place is mostly crowded during summer but one can always find privacy and leisure time from the mob here. Apart from the glittering blue beach, strandbad gänsehäufel also offers various entertainment that will surely be every kid’s favorite. You can play tennis, volleyball and get on the climbing zones.

2. Strandbäder Alte Donau

Strandbäder Alte Donau, the 22nd District of Arbeiterstrandbadstr, is one of the oldest bathing beaches in Vienna. Get ready to experience the calmness by walking through the manicured lawns along the seashore and give your legs a stretch under the giant green trees on the hillside.

3. Donaustadt

Donaustadt at the 22nd District of Portnergasse 38, is undoubtedly the best place to dabble your feet in the seawater and to dive directly into the ocean!  Make your day exciting by renting sail-boats, motor-boats, or canoes and go water skiing or slide your own boat into the water! 

a pristine beach at vienna
Image Credit: Flickr

4. Theresienbad

Feel the best holiday pleasure at the Theresienbad, which is located in the 12th District of Hufelandgasse 3. It is a traditional Viennese bathing beach located right next to Schönbrunn. A bit of tradition and culture along with the brimming beach is a deadly combination to experience!

5. Schafbergbad

Schafbergbad in the 18th District of Josef-Redl-Gasse 3, is one of the most famous bathing beaches in Vienna that provides the best entertainment for children. Gulp your favorite drink from the little shops selling beverages and shakes. Do try out the restaurant situated near the beach that never fails to impress customers with their presentable meals!

6. Ottakringer Bad

Amidst the busy surroundings, Ottakringerbad located in Johann-Staud-Straße 11, is a beautiful oasis. The beach, adorned with vivid flowers and fresh greenery makes it the best spot to relax and get refreshed.

The Donaustadt beach in the city of Vienna
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Take back with you pictures of Sunshine, flowers that present a riot of colors, greenery and lots of memories to cherish for a lifetime. Leave nothing behind but your footprints on the sand! Vienna’s beaches will definitely tempt you for a revisit just like the tides that return to the shore every single time! Head to Pickyourtrail website and start planning your vacation to Vienna. We are just a ping away! 

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