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Palaces to visit in Kerala
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Palaces to visit in Kerala – Visit the great monuments in the God’s own country

India is one country that can make you fall in love. It is a country that literally has everything. It is like a genie to the tourism industry. Any kind of landscapes, and types of weather you wish, you will have it in India. Not only that, but these are not mere places but spectacular gifts from nature. Once you see these places you will never forget them as they will remain etched in your memory. Many states form this one beautiful country. Each state is diverse in everything that you can possibly think of. Their culture, cuisine, landscape, religion and so many. Termed as the God’s own country, Kerala is a very diverse state in India and also there are some beautiful palaces that are found around the state. Here are the different Palaces to visit in Kerala.

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Alleppey Back waters, Kerala
Image Credits: Image by Richard Mcall from Pixabay

Palaces to visit in Kerala

Even in the age of democracy, many are fascinated by a King’s rule and show interest in where they lived and many more. Most of the Indian states have been ruled by a Maharaja until it was a republic country. Within Kerala, the state was differentiated into a number of entities. So there were many rulers and also they had beautiful palaces. With a few special features, these palaces are built-in traditional Kerala architecture. These palaces are found all over the state of Kerala. Here are some of the best palaces to visit in Kerala. Do visit these places and explore the rich history of Kerala.

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Kanakakunnu Palace

Coming under the list of heritage monuments, Kanakakunnu Palace is one great place to explore. There are two very famous open-air auditoria here. They are the open-air Nishagandhi and Sooryakanthi auditorium. Tourism department conducts many festivals here. The most famous annual All India dance festival happens here. Love classical dance? Don’t miss this festival.

This famous palace was built by the Sree Moolam Thirunal of the Royal family of Travancore. They hosted a ceremony in their banquet halls and served meat. This was considered barbaric according to the upper caste. The rich chandeliers, exquisite furniture takes us back to the life of the kings. The palace also has beautiful meadows and gardens. This is one of the best palaces to visit in Kerala.

Kanakakunnu Palace, Kerala
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Hill Palace, Tripunithura

Built in 1865 by the Maharaja of Kochi, The Hill Palace was with the government from the year 1980. This palace is now the largest archaeological museum in Kerala. With the same traditional architecture, this particular palace has 49 building complexes in it. For a culturally inclined tourist, this place is the best choice. Many artefacts and exhibits here belong to the Royal Family of Kochin. These exhibits are the ornaments, paintings, stone stud crowns, sculptures and many more. You can also spot the horse cart gallery and the weapon gallery. Situated about 12 km away from the Ernakulam city, this is one of the must-visit palaces in Kerala.

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Hill Palace, one of the grand Palaces to visit in Kerala
Image Captions: Wikimedia Commons

Bolgatty Palace

Situated in an Island of the same name, The Bolgatty Palace is in Kochi. Built in 1744 by the Dutch, this is a beautiful palace with attractive gardens. Once the palace accommodated Dutch Malabar, later the same palace was the living place for the British residents who lived in Kochi. Later after the Independence, this place is now a Heritage resort. It has a pool, a golf course, an ayurvedic massage centre and many more. The daily Kathakali performance happening in this place is an added advantage for the tourists. Because of all this, the Bolgatty palace is one of the best and the most sought after place for many tourists who are visiting Kerala.

Bolgatty Palace, Kerala
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Kowdiar Palace

When in Trivandrum, never miss the Kowdiar Palace. It is a must-visit attraction in the capital city. Built early in the year 1915 by Sree Moolam Thirunal, the palace is the residing place of the Royal family of Travancore. This is a beautiful piece palace built with the traditional Kerala style architecture. The palace has 150 rooms and is a gigantic structure.

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Krishnapuram Palace

Built by the most famous Rajah, Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma, the Krishnapuram Palace is an 18th-century palace. Located in Kayamkulam near Alleppey, This palace is definitely worth a visit while you are in Kerala. You can spot the dormer windows and a gabled roof. Built near the Krishnaswamy temple, this palace contains many exhibits from the 18th century period. There is a large pond inside the palace complex. It is said to be an escape route when the enemy’s attack the residence. You will get to see the beautiful and the gigantic mural of the “Gajendra Moksham”.The courtyard here has a very beautiful statue of Buddha. Visit this palace just for the exquisite feeling that you get and there are many things that you can explore here.

Krishnapuram Palace, One of the many palaces to visit in Kerala.
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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