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Parambikulam Tiger Reserve
Written by Kajani Shivam on July 18, 2020 Share on

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve – Experience Wildlife In Kerala!

If you love wildlife, you would have definitely explored about Kerala in various sites. As we all know, Kerala has something for every kind of traveller, right? And yes, for wildlife lovers, Kerala is definitely a paradise. In addition, there are 500 wildlife sanctuaries in India and Kerala houses some of the best of them. This article will take you into the wild! So, get ready to explore the exciting Parambikulam Tiger Reserve which is one of the must-visit places in the Palakkad district of Kerala. Interested to know more about Parambikulam Tiger Reserve? Well, keep reading…

A click of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve entrance
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Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

This place was declared as the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve in 2009. It is spread over an area of 391 sq km and also includes the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary which is a conservation zone and features in the list of world’s 34 biodiversity hotspots. Interesting, right? You will be able to spot around 28 tigers here. Well, this place is not only about tigers, but you will also find porcupines, elephants, leopards, peacocks, and many more. In addition, you will find some rare plant species, different types of birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians, butterflies and many more. Amazing, huh? This place will definitely light up your vacation with some unforgettable memories.

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How to reach?

  • Air
  • Train
  • Road

1. Air

Coimbatore International Airport is the nearest airport to the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve which is at a distance of 95 km. Upon arrival, you can take a cab and reach the Tiger Reserve within 2 hours.

2. Train

Pollachi is the nearest railway station which is at a distance of 38 km from Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. In addition, you can take a cab and reach the place.

3. Road

You can reach Parambikulam Tiger Reserve by road from Palakkad and Coimbatore. Both are 80 km far from the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve.

Entry Fee

  • Indians – INR 23
  • Foreigners – INR 300
  • Fee for vehicles – INR 70 for cars, INR 150 for minibuses, and INR 200 for buses.
  • Fee for cameras – INR 150


The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM. The last entry is at 4:00 PM. So, make sure you enter this place before 4:00 PM.

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Trekking experience in Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Trekking in Parambikulam Tiger Reserve
Image Credits: Google Images

Your visit to this place is never complete without experiencing the trekking experience. It’s time to get into some adventure! Have a read and choose the one which suits you.

  • Bear Path Trail
  • Pugmark Trail
  • Elephant Song Trekking Trail
  • Kariyanshola Trail

1. Bear Path Trail

This is a 4 km trekking trail which begins from Nalayiram Point. This trail takes you through vast teak plantations and interestingly, you will find some pugmarks of sloth bears. Scary? Well, not to worry! You will have the experts by your side to protect you. Also, you will be able to view the feeding ground of sloth bears, bamboo groves, and colourful birds. After covering all these areas, you will end the trail at Anappady.

2. Pugmark Trail

This is one of the interesting trails in Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. Interestingly, you will be able to view tigers in this trail. This trekking trail begins from Peruvaripallam Earth Dam and ends at Anappady. On the way, you will reach the Kannimara teak which is the world’s largest teak and is 460 years old. That’s cool, huh? To make your trekking more interesting and adventurous, you can choose the Pugmark Trail.

3. Elephant Song Trekking Trail

Elephant Song Trekking Trail is one of the easiest trekking trails in Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. All age group people can try this trekking experience as this is a soft trek trail which is feasible for everyone. In addition, this 4 km trail stretches through miniature evergreen patches of the Western Ghats.

4. Kariyanshola Trail

This trekking trail is considered to be the best one in Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. This trail takes you through the forest and ends at Anappady. Trust me, this will be a thrilling experience. Also, make sure you bring your folks to make it interesting and fun. Interestingly, this trail also covers some activities. So, get ready for a fun-filled experience.

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Stay options

How about waking up to the gushing waterfalls and lush greenery areas? Cool, right? To make this happen, make sure you book a stay in Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. You will find many resorts and huts here. Book a stay here and have some breathtaking views of nature. Some of the prominent stays are:

  • Tented Niche
  • Treehouse

1. Tented Niche

Image of tented niches
Image Credits: Google Images

This is one of the famous stay options here. So, make sure you go for a Tented Niche to have a unique experience.

2. Treehouse

Treehouse in Parambikulam Tiger Reserve
Image Credits: Google Images

Many of us have dreamt about staying in a treehouse, right? Well, it’s time to make it real. Also, if you are with your better half, it’s better to choose treehouses for a lovely experience. Have a lovely time with your loved ones and get close to nature.

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Well, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve definitely deserves a visit, right? Quickly pack your bags and move to Palakkad to visit this interesting place. Get ready to experience wildlife! Now what? Quickly reach out to Pickyourtrail website and check out some amazing travel packages to Kerala. Also, you can drop a Whatsapp message and get connected with our travel experts. Book your trip with Pickyourtrail and have an amazing vacation.

Happy Travelling!

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