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Paris In February
Written by Nivethitha Bharathi on July 19, 2021 Share on

Paris In February: Best Time For Serenity, Love And Some Crêpe!

Paris! One of the most romantic cities that shines so bright and makes you feel dreamy. It has always been every traveller’s dream to visit Paris at least once in their lifetime. Additionally, it is one of the most adored destinations in France among Indian tourists. The “City of Lights” will offer you the most extraordinary monuments to see, foods culture to experience and has various entertainments for you to brag about. As seasons changes, in Paris, your experiences change in colour and celebrations. Out of all the seasons, Paris in February would be the time that you should never miss. 

It is the only month you could witness the glorious architecture shed their snow as winter goes and spring comes. It is the month when you could celebrate your Valentine’s Day in the Romantic City!


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Paris In February

The beauty of Paris has different faces. In February, you could see the most serene face of Paris that melt your heart as you could see everything a bit closer, without rush, without waiting in queues for long hours but the only worry could be at times you need to enjoy these pleasantries without sun. Since it is low-season, prominent landmarks will be easily accessible so that your trip will go as planned.

Restaurants In Paris Night
Image Source: Pixabay

If you are someone who likes to enjoy Paris in peace and ease, February got your back. The month where the city is quiet and cheap and hotels will give you the best reductions. If you also need some fun and cheers, February pours you with celebrations where you could participate in Carnival de Paris, St Valentines Day, and the Chinese New Year like anywhere else in the world.

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Weather in Paris in February

Paris In February Snow
Image Source: Unsplash

In this month, Paris will be chilling in between the temperature of, a maximum of 7oC and a minimum of 2oC. A month where half of it covers the city with slight snow and sudden downpour, the next half of it smells like spring with blossoms around. You could also expect an average rainfall of 22mm or approximately 13%. The city almost all days stays under the cover of clouds. But the random sunshine makes the view even better. Plus, the weather will be perfect either you go there for your romantic getaway or turn on relax mode.

Best Things to Do In Paris For Your February Visit

When you visit Paris in February, your experiences will be next level. If you are a first-timer, find some of the best things to do during your visit in February beforehand. Look at some of these fun-filled activities to bring life to your long-awaited trip’s itinerary.

1. Freeze Your Moments In Iconic Monuments

Eiffel Tower light in Paris, Things to do in Paris in February
Image Source: Unsplash
  • Step closer to the most iconic Eiffel Tower for a stunning photograph without photobombers. Climb up to the top of this 324m tall tower for a splendid view of the city. Book 3 months before on the Eiffel Tower official website so that you don’t lose the best opportunity.
  • Capture the stunning colour of the Palace of Versailles, home to the royalty before the French Revolution. Make sure to explore the Latona Fountain and Hall of Mirrors and fall in love with the exquisite exterior and interiors.
  • Marvel at the architectural wonder of a 1900 seater theatre, Opera Garnier. Discover its history and its role to sustain the beauty of classical music and ballet since 1875.

Visit other monuments which uphold the fame of Paris – Arc De Triomphe, Sacre-Coeur, Pantheon.

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2. Have The Most Romantic Time On The Seine River

Romantic Cruise in Seine River, Things to do in Paris in February
Image Source: Pixabay

February in Paris is the best time for your romantic getaway. In this month, you can see the streets and shops having Chocolates, Champagne, Flowers and Perfumes in limelight. With Valentine’s day on 14th February, book a cruise and have a romantic dinner with your loved one. Sail along the Seine River, another famous UNESCO site. Look around the city of love and witness its beauty in the nightlight with a perfect dinner and wine. Celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in the way of Parisians amidst the vintage beauty of Paris.


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3. Travel Through Time In The Oldest Museums

Louvre Museum Paris, Places to visit in Paris in February
Image Source: Unsplash

In February you could visit the world’s biggest museum, “The Louvre“, without waiting in queues. It is famous for its art of the Mona Lisa. You can’t just leave Paris without seeing Mona Lisa and her mysterious smile! Walk around the entire museum and its 8 departments with almost 7,500 paintings of famous artists. Be one among the 10 million visitors each year and experience quality time in this most visited museum on the entire planet! 

Have more fresh museum activities by visiting Grand Palais. Once you finished watching the arts and artefacts in Palais de la Decouverte and National Galleries, go for some open-air ice skating and horse riding. Stay till night for the light show.

Paris also has a museum for chocolate lovers! Yes! It is Musee Gourmand du Chocolat! A unique museum represents the world’s old knowledge of chocolate by representing through words, pictures, and of course, through tastes. It was started in 2010 and still admires many chocolate enthusiasts by the widest secrets and the transition of how the chocolate you know has arrived.

Also, extend your museum visit to more smaller museums that give personal experience like Musee Jacquemart Andres, Musee Carnavalte, The Orangerie, Petit Palais and Maison Europeenne de la Photograhie.

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4. Enjoy the One And Only Moulin Rogue Show

Moulin Rouge in Paris, Things to do in Paris in February
Image Source: Pexels

In February you have more chances to get in the rain. And the best way to spend the day indoors memorably is to visit the unique French Cabaret, Moulin Rouge, to spend the evening without compromising the cheers of Paris. Its uniqueness comes from its Belle Epoque Style interior and exterior. It is a 100 years old theatre, where you can enjoy the performance of the most talented and beautiful dancers over a meal and a drink. Make sure to check on your dress code before visiting.

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5. Visit The Art Exhibition “Aerodream”

The Aerodream exhibition is currently showcasing the spectacular history, crisis and utopias through inflatable balloon art, architecture and design, in Centre Pompidou. You can visit this during your 2022 February visit at Cite de I’Architecture in Paris by 14th February. Be prepared to be awestruck by those pneumatic designs.

6. Stroll Around Montmartre in Paris in February

Montmartre in Paris
Image Source: Unsplash

Montmartre! The place with the most beautiful and colourful boulevards on top of a hill in the 18th arrondissement! It is once the home to the greatest artists of history, Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh. No wonder the entire neighbourhood is charmed with art and bohemian culture. It is the right place for you to wander around, touch the walls and feel the vibes. So, take a walking tour in this Old Paris in the weather of February. If time permits, visit Passage des Panoramas on the 2nd arrondissement to astonish at the oldest trade venues surviving through time.

7. Celebrate with Chinese New Year and Carnaval de Paris

Chinese New Year in Paris, Festivals in Paris in February
Image Source: Unsplash

See the way Chinese New Year appears in February by bringing colours to greyness and breaking the silence of the winter to make Paris warm. Join the Parisians and experience the transformation through the red lanterns, decorations, and marvellous dragons as they pass through the alley, where the people cheer and celebrate to welcome the new year.

To experience this occasion, visit Avenue d’Ivry in the 13th arrondissement. Also, don’t miss to savour the Chinese delicacies!

Celebrate the Carnaval de Paris with the Parisians and get hold of the spirit of joy and love as the parade takes place. You will definitely get comfortable with the vibe as the people pass in artistic costumes full of happiness.

8. Make Your Dream Come True In Disneyland

Paris Disney Land
Image Source: Unsplash

Paris in February is the best time to fulfil your childhood dream at your own pace. You don’t have to wait in line, go to the winter-themed celebrations and join the parade. Enter into the world of Disneyland and rekindle the nostalgia. Enjoy the utmost rides and fun-filled amusement and get some photographs with your favourite characters. Also, the entrance fee will be cheaper than it was during the peak season.

9. Celebrate Crêpe And Indulge In Flavours of French Cuisine

Crepe Day, Famous food in Paris
Image Source: Unsplash

The best time for you to savour the famous Crêpe in Paris is in February. Because on February 2nd, Parisians celebrate Crêpes Day! So make sure to try some warm Crêpe topped with chocolate syrups in the food trucks with wine, or go to a cafe and have some Crêpe topped with icecreams and banana as a part of the celebration.

  • Plus, with the cold weather having the most favoured warm cup of hot chocolate with macaron and croissant in Laudree or Charles Chocolatier is enough to find comfort that melts your soul.
  • Not a fan of hot chocolate? Then try some traditional tea with pastries or baklavas for a change.
  • Indulge in the most famous traditional dish, Beef Bourguignon with Red Burgundy wine that allows you to understand the taste and culture of France.
  • Experience the flavour of cheese burst in your mouth by tasting the Raclette or Fondue in Chalet Le SavoyardLes fondus de la raclette and Pain Vin Formages.
  • Take few hours of your time to make some original Macaron or Croissant through cooking classes.

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10. Neven Miss The February Sales

Gucci store in Paris
Image Source: Unsplash

Being in Paris during February is a huge advantage if you enjoy shopping as your type of comfort. Because that is when the most popular February Sale aka “Les Soldes” happens. The uplifting time when designer brands such as Dior, Gucci, Chanel goes for 70% off sale. So, make your move by visiting malls or the paradises of shopping circle – Champs-Elysees, Golden Triangle and Marais and shop without regrets.

Tips For Your Trip To Paris In February

Now that you know the things you can do to make your time amusing. Here are some of the tips that you need to be mindful of so that you have a worry-free and a perfect travel experience in Paris in February.

Clothes to Pack: Pack your suitcase with the clothes which help you to handle the cold weather. So add some coats, layers of warm clothes, thermals, gloves and waterproof shoes. Also, add few breathable clothes during rare sunny days. Don’t forget your Umbrella!

Remember: From 13th February to 1st of March, the school holidays begin for the people in France. So there will be chances for crowds at certain places.

Keep Track: Make sure to check if there are any transportation strikes to avoid discomfort before booking your tickets.

Guide: Get yourself a guide to know the front and back of Paris and more stories that you can carry back home.

Where Can I Stay In Paris?

If you are good to go on the Expensive side, try Le Bristol Paris, Maison Souquet, Mandarin Oriental de Paris. For Midrange, try Hotel de Jobo, Hotel Grand Powers or Hotel Malte. If you opt for budget, try Greet Hotel Paris Nord 18e or Maison Armance.


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Paris has always been a city that never ceased to satisfy dreamers, realists and even if you are in an existential crisis. Visit Paris in February to rejuvenate or to spend time with your loved one or enjoy the culinary culture, whatever the reason be, you could get anything you want to experience without fail. So, preplan your trip to Paris in February 2020 to refresh your life which got into buffering mode by the current pandemic. You can either choose the pre-designed Paris tour package or Paris couple package from Pickyourtrail or customise your Paris itinerary independently on your way.

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