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The perfect 6 Day Europe honeymoon itinerary to fall in love with

Our traveller Santosh Krishnamurthy shares his honeymoon experience across Switzerland and Paris and share how this Europe honeymoon itinerary made their experience magical! Make your dreams come true with Pickyourtrail. . .

“In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with.”

– Charles Schulz

That, for me, defines our Switzerland and France honeymoon experience. If the mountains of Switzerland weren’t gorgeous enough and the cobblestoned lanes of Parisian neighbourhoods weren’t charming enough, I also had the best travel partner I could ever ask for.

Our Europe Honeymoon Packages set off amongst the alpine villages and the glacial valleys of Switzerland.


With snow-capped mountains on one side and the beautiful medieval architecture of the city on the other, Lucerne is a city that is just so easy on the eyes. After catching up on rest, we began exploring the Swiss Alps that are a part of every romantic fantasy ever!

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Day 1: Mount Titlis Day trail

We hopped aboard a bus that drove us to the Valley Station. Even the drive to the cable car ride was scenic. We couldn’t stop gawking at the surreal view outside our windows. Once at the station, we made our way to one of those rotating cable cars that are completely made of glass. Once inside we were overwhelmed by the panoramic views of mountains around us and fast-diminishing valley below us.
Once at the summit of Mount Titlis with the wind lashing at our faces, we realized our journey didn’t end there.

Atop Mt. Titlis
Atop Mt. Titlis

There were so many exciting things to try out:

Cliff Walk
The highest suspension bridge in Europe, this one’s for the daredevils and those who like taking risks. A walk on the bridge, though terrifying, is very rewarding. You get to see glaciers, mountains and even parts of Italy.

Ice Grotto
150 metre long, this grotto is hewn into the glacier here. With crevasses along the grotto, the ceiling was lined with shimmering ice crystals radiating a surreal blue. The temperature inside remains at constant -1 degree C.

Ice Flyer
A chairlift 3000 m above the ground, the Ice Flyer is another way to get a better look at the glacier below.

When our tummies rumbled, we decided to grab a quick bite. The summit has everything from a Snacks bar to a panoramic restaurant. Nothing better than tucking into some steaming, hot food after a day in the snow. We glanced through the cute souvenir store outside and caught a cable car ride back down to retire for the day.
What a magical experience it had been.

Day 2: An alpine trail across Interlaken & Grindelwald

Another day in the beautiful country of Switzerland and today we set off to discover more magic amongst the snow-capped peaks here.

Lucerne → Interlaken

A scenic bus journey took us along the alpine landscapes and to through the stunning countrysides and to the breathtaking resort town of Interlaken. Set like a postcard, the town was framed by lakes of emerald colour, thick forests, gorgeous meadows and lined with old timber houses along the waterfront. Set at the heart of the Jungfrau region, this is said to be an adventure hotspot – perfect to try waterfall abseiling, white water rafting and paragliding.

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Interlaken → Grindelwald

Love at first sight: Grindelwald

A beautiful village in the Swiss Alps, Grindelwald is home to some of the best views in the country. Just standing here, we could look upto the summits of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. This is another place to try out adventure sports at. Although it’s a great place to just take long walks. Away from the buzz of cities, it felt like a scene right out of a movie – walking with just greenery and nature around us.

Grindelwald village
In the village of Grindelwald

After an overwhelming day of romantic walks, unending scenery and delicious meals we boarded the bus back to our hotel


Day 3

View from our hotel in Montreaux

After we said our goodbyes to the beautiful Lucerne, another charming resort town awaited us. Sitting by Lake Geneva, Montreux is a gem surrounded by rolling hills and a beautiful lake. Its lakefront promenade is actually decked flowers, sculptures, trees – a sight that will forever be ingrained in our minds.

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The Chocolate train

Montreux → Broc

Golden Pass Panoramic train
The Golden Pass Panoramic train

After we acquainted ourselves with the charming Montreux, we waited anxiously for the next part of journey to start. The Chocolate Train waited for us at the station. Taking you through the medieval town of Gruyères and then to the village of Broc – housing the Cailler chocolate factory, the chocolate train lets you experience the best of Switzerland: cheese & chocolates!
Once aboard this Belle Epoque Pullman our journey was a treat from the very beginning. The scenery passing by us just kept getting more and more prettier.

En route to the village of Broc

While at Gruyères cheese making was demonstrated to us, it was Cailler’s that got us excited. Both of us being chocoholics, entering Broc felt like entering paradise. I mean just look at this. You would have to agree.

Cailler Chocolate Factory in Broc
Cailler Chocolate Factory in Broc

Inside a variety of chocolates were on display. We feasted our eyes on many and tasted many more. This one is a must-do whether or not you are a big fan of chocolates. After all, Cailler’s Chocolate factory is one of highest chocolate factories in the world. After a beautiful day of just tasting chocolates and losing ourselves amongst the charming landscapes of Broc, we left to Montreux again.

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Callier's chocolates
Callier’s chocolates

Glamourous France escapade for the fashionistas


Day 4: Cruise to the love tower

Aboard the Seine river cruise
Aboard the Seine river cruise

We began our evening with a cruise down the beautiful Seine river. We passed through canals and under bridges and almost whistled when the city appeared in the distance. Specked with lights, the horizon was a wave of lights and in the middle stood the iconic Tour de Eiffel.
It looked beautiful from a distance but even more mesmerizing up close. As we got out and embraced the evening breeze, next on our itinerary was dinner. Up close we saw Eiffel for what it was – a piece of art. The intricately designed tower is something you need to witness for yourself. Dinner awaited us at the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant. The restaurant overlooks the Seine and the city and serves up some delicious food.
Suffice to say our first day in the City of Love had begun well.

Day 5: In the land of dreams and animation

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Finally, the day had come to go to the place of children’s and even adults’ dreams: Disneyland. The most famous themepark in Europe – and we witnessed for ourselves how famous – crowds are a norm in this one. In the land of dreams and exhilarating rides, it is easy to lose yourselves to your surroundings. Well, here are words of caution from us:

    • Walk, don’t wander. Especially if you are going there in large groups. Disneyland is a huge place and you need to save your energy to enjoy the actual rides.
    • Get a Pass before you get here. If you are waiting to buy tickets at the venue, you are really pushing your luck.
    • Between rides, make time for the many shows that occur. After long periods of walking, some food, seating and entertainment will do you wonders.
  • There is little to no shade or pitstops in Disneyland here. If you are going in the winter season, wrap up and if in the summer, carry a sun lotion.

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Day 6: Vignettes of Paris

Our day to bid Paris goodbye was here. It was unbelievable. So we made the most of it – ventured out to visit, see, witness its other treasures.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame
Notre Dame

A medieval Catholic cathedral, Notre Dame is at once imposing and breathtaking. Home to some of the holiest relics in the world, a picture doesn’t really compare to the actual sight of this architectural marvel.

Tuileries Garden

A public park or Paris, Tuileries was landscaped back in the 17th century to create a formal French garden. Separating the Louvre from Place de la Concorde, the garden is framed by coniferous trees on both sides. Ahead we got a close look at Rou de Paris – a giant Ferris wheel that gives some of the best views of Paris.

Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum
Louvre Museum

One of the most visited cultural sights in France, I was picturing Angels and Demons when we walked up to this museum. Hosting more than 35,000 pieces of art, to be among this much history was overwhelming. The spectacular Louvre Pyramid got us fawning all over it. Witnessing it for ourselves, we got to see why it remains such a popular landmark.

Sunset at Montmartre

If you are an art-lover or just someone in love, Montmartre will be the peak of your Parisian experience. It was one of the most fondest memories of our honeymoon in Paris. Resting at the top of a flight of stairs is the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. On the narrow walkways here Van Gogh, Monet and Picasso breathed and lived art and created some of their masterpieces.

We strolled through Place de Tertre – a congregation site for artists today to create fantastic pieces of art and sell them. They are brilliant. You know, they show you this scene in the movies but it is doesn’t come close. On a breezy evening, take a walk here – whether or not you want to buy an art.

Our last stop was, of course, the Basilica. Grand, white building that it is; its history – we learnt – isn’t nearly as spotless. And for the most magical moment in your life, turn your back to the Basilica. We kid you not, the view of the Paris city from up here is unmatched. Sun dipping in the horizon and hand in hand with my wife, this remains one of my favourite moments from our honeymoon in Paris.

View from Montmartre
View from Montmartre

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