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Phi Phi island in Thailand
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Phi Phi Island in Phuket: A Guide to Visiting Thailand’s Island Jewel

Phi Phi Island is located 50 minutes away from Phuket and this island offers beautiful breathtaking views. There are two main parts of Phi Phi island, the Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don. You will find the ferry ports and hotels on Phi Phi Don while Phi Phi Leh remains uninhabited, with some of the most amazing secluded and romantic beaches, which of course was used as the location for the Hollywood movie “The Beach”. Phi Phi Island offers something equally unique, and if you do have time then it would be well worth visiting.

Phi Phi Island in Phuket
Image Credits: Google Images

While entering Phi Phi, it looks like entering a fortress with the huge cliffs that tower overhead and also the beach-front jungle. That means no hustle and bustle. Even though the island of Phi Phi Don is that the commercial side the dearth of busy roads gives it a secluded and magical feel.


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Koh Phi Phi has changed into a family getaway location because of how lighthearted and fun it can be. An hour boat ride from Phuket, Koh Lanta and Krabi, the advantage of Phi Phi is how it will take multiple trips to see all that the island can offer. Luxury cruises also visit the area because of how breathtaking the islands are.

Phi Phi island in Phuket has six islands in total:

  • Phi Phi Don
  • Phi Phi Leh
  • Koh Yung
  • Koh Phai
  • Bida Nok
  • Bida Nai                          

History of Phi Phi island

One of the most popular tourist islands of Thailand, you have the monkeys, and there is also a well-named Monkey Beach. The island was destroyed by the tsunami back in 2004 and was rebuilt bigger and better than what it ever was before. There are open-air local restaurants where you’ll be able to dine on or near the beach. If you want western food, however, it will cost a little more. Local seafood, fruits and vegetables are very affordable on this island. If you visit Phi Phi, there are no buses or taxis, so you will most likely need to cycle or walk the island.

What to See in Phi Phi Island in Phuket

Diving the King Cruiser Wreck is one of the best dive sites in Phi Phi and a must visit on your Phuket tour package. This passenger ship struck the Anemone reef in 1997 and sank. Ever since, it has become a popular habitat for the local underwater wildlife like clownfish, barracuda and tuna, leopard sharks and of course a wide array of anemones.

Most often, you will feed the sharks in the early morning, and you can feed both leopard and blacktip sharks. With most day trips, it will include a visit to the local coral garden for some snorkelling where you could see black-tipped reef sharks and leopard sharks.

Activities to do in Phi Phi Island in Phuket

Hiking to Phi Phi Viewpoint will reward you with one of the most awe-inspiring views in Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. Phi Phi Viewpoint stretches to over 600 feet high, so this does take a little bit of physical fitness to reach. The hike has twisting paths and requires great effort but once you have reached the endpoint. One of the best times to visit Phi Phi Viewpoint is during sunset or sunrise along the beaches.

1. Hanging out on Monkey Beach

Phi Phi Island encompasses a Monkey Beach. Not only is Monkey Beach the most beautiful beach in Phi Phi, but it is also one of the most beautiful beaches that can be found in all of Thailand. The powder white sand beaches and marvellous diving opportunities have made for this destination becoming a favourite hangout spot, and you have monkeys that often come down from the beach to visit.

Phi Phi island shore
Image Credits: Google Images

2. Bamboo Island: The Less Crowded Alternative

As an alternative to Maya Bay, Bamboo Island is less inhabited, and the island only lies eight miles from Ko Phi Phi. At Bamboo Island, you can discover the Hin Klang coral garden. This is a national marine park with environmental protection rules, so there is an entrance fee.

3. Rock Climbing in Phi Phi

Phi Phi’s rugged terrain and jagged cliffs became a dream spot for rock climbers. Arranging a tour will take you to the limestone island cliffs that will be the most suitable location for climbing. A day-trip to Phi Phi for rock climbing is, in itself, a great choice because you have a rock climber’s paradise. In general, a rock climb in Phi Phi will take around on a daily basis.

4. Kayaking into the Sunset

Experience the spectacular ocean views by renting a kayak. A lot of sea kayakers will go to Wang Long Bay, but you have plenty of other touring options if you have seen that while kayaking.

5. The Phi Phi Marketplace

If you want to learn about life in a certain part of the world, check out the marketplace. You can learn a lot about a destination based on what they sell there. Phi Phi market is found in Tonsai Village, and you can shop for local fruits, vegetables and seafood at an affordable price.

How to Reach Phi Phi Islands

From Phuket, Phi Phi Island is about 46 Km and the main way to get to Phi Phi island is by boat. You can also take ferries to Phi Phi island from Krabi with longer travel time. From Phuket airport, it takes around 50 minutes by car/taxi/bus journey.

Entry Fees

Phi Phi Island tour price is around eight hundred to a thousand baht per head. This usually excludes a trip to the National Park, which costs four hundred baht extra per person. A ferry ride from Phuket costs about five hundred baht for a one-way trip.

Best Time to visit Phi Phi Island in Phuket

Speed boat timings are the only restrictions with respect to visiting Phi Phi island. Avoid travel between September and November as the water level is low.

Visiting the Phi Phi Islands for a day-trip is one of the best decisions that you will make. This is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, and while it is almost always busy with tourists, the Thai spirit on these islands remains alive and well.


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